Mobil Users: Anyone Else getting Server Issues?

I keep getting a server issue on mobil.

Server has timed out. Error 0101 - 0000.

Anyone else?

I have submitted a ticket. Not sure if it’s just me. Has been this way for past hour.

Cloudflare is borked, and that’s causing semi-random connectivity issues. Nothing you can do about it other than curse, drink heavily, and wait.

Since 4.3 i have issues with the app start, several error codes, lost the connection to the chatserver after 1hour/gow is active in background but works when i wake it up.
Something is broken that work before.
I don’t know.

New install helps not, so i life with it…

Sorry about that folks! Unfortunately (I quote) “Today at 10:30UTC, the Internet had a small heart attack.”
This was completely outside of our control but I believe it’s fixed now.

If you’d like all the technical details or fun comparisons:
“This was the equivalent of … routing an entire freeway down a neighborhood street”

Here’s the article I was sent about the issue:


I am still having server issues…Android phone. Roommate is having issues too.

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I’m having loading issues too from the game. Yes my internet is working well with other games just not with Gems of War.


Same here. PC, Steam.

They have server ‘issues’ almost daily around 5:00 pm Eastern US time. I’m on Xbox.

Loading. . . .loading. . . Loading. . . .

It appears to be widespread. Another guild member is having the same problem. I’ve tried on cell phone and laptop. Sometimes can do a battle OK. Then other times so locked I have to break out the hard way.

I assume that the “Servers are online” message beside the green exclamation mark in Settings means the people operating the game have no idea how poorly it’s responding.

Still having issues. Unplayable on mobile. Why was that article about the internet posted? That was 6/24/19…is it still going on today?

Took an hour to do the 3 dungeon battles because of all the problems and switching back and forth between the cell phone and the laptop. Hope they can get it fixed soon.

I think this is more a internet issue fallout from yesterday it doesn’t have anything to do with the GoW servers specifically.

Multiple sources have been affected by this. Amazon, Facebook, Cloudflare etc…

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While the Cloudflare thing was going on, my access to GoW was fine. Discord was broken at that time, though.

Pc and mobile lagging as hell (germany). For me, since 6h.

Skynet is coming online. We are all doomed.


Agreed. I am playing a different game from GoW in the interim, and one of the players in that game sent a message that she could not access chat. I’m in the US, and she is in Europe. :man_shrugging:

Our server programmer has looked into this extensively, and found no abnormalities or issues with our server performance. This looks to be caused by an unforeseen outside issue.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Its horrible loading screen.