[Technical issue] Error Code 0101 Cannot sign in or play

For the past three hours or so I have been unable to log in on PC or Mobile and I get a message that says The server has timed out Error Code 0101

Platform, device version and operating system:

PC and Mobile both

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Cannot play game

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started around 23:00 EST

Steps to make it happen again
Help fix the bug


Currently the server status for Gems of War is stable. I would suggest trying the troubleshooting steps here to see if they help solve the issue:

If these steps don’t solve the issue for you it would suggest that the issue is somewhere between your location and the game servers, in which case we just have to wait for whichever company in the middle to resolve the issue, usually this doesn’t take more than a few hours (although I know you’ve been having problems for 3 hours already.

Another step you can take is contacting your ISP - but if you’re able to connect to other web services then most likely your ISP won’t be able to assist I think and it will just be a waiting game.

I did do a bit of a google just now and it seems there may be several companies affected by issues right now in the USA including Instagram and Microsoft as well (if you’re in the USA). Our game servers are also located in the USA so there may be a problem somewhere along the connection to them.

Sorry connection issues are frustrating!

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Thank you for the fast reply and response to my email - highly appreciated!

The issue is fixed now and seems to have resolved itself without me doing anything.

The game was down for around 4 hours though - on both PC and Mobile - doubt it was my internet as I have a different service on my PC and a different one for mobile.

Yep, definitely not the game itself though, will be something in the connection as we haven’t had any server alerts and I can see the status is green and online, we’ve also had players in the game all day without interruptions.

The status page is a good quick way to help troubleshoot when it’s everyone in Gems of War or a different issue:

No problems re: fast reply, I saw you were locked out of the game and wanted to get onto it quickly if there was anything we could do to help! Glad it resolved itself