MIssing pets - need releases

So as it stands there are 4 kingdoms that only have 2 non-cosmetic pets, which means that these kingdoms are missing pets and need releases. I would put forward the following suggestions for new pets:

Pan’s Vale - no WIldfolk pet yet in the game, so this should be a pretty obvious one

Sin of Maraj - Daemon would be first choice, but since we already have a Daemon pet not necessary. There’s a few (3?) Construct’s here, which we dont have a pet for, so maybe a Construct pet? Or maybe another fire gem mastery booster? Or better yet, just move Bright Beetle to Sin of Maraj, rather than Primal, and make everyone happy since it means we wont have to go get a whole new pet!

Shentang - Elf would be first choice due to class, but overall there’s a huge mix in this Kingdom. Could add another air gem mastery (we’ve already doubled up on Nature gem master with Barkly/Tanglebush, so there’s a standard for this now). Or maybe add something completely new - like a pet that gives a 1%/2%/3% bonus to anything collected (gold, souls, xp, etc.)

Leonis Empire - Human pet is already available through Darkstone, but the kingdom also has a lot of divines as well. Could easily double up on something else here to add the pet.

Hopefully this gets some traction, its frustrating having only 2 pets to a Kingdom that are non-cosmetic when leveling the power level all the way requires 3!


No responses Dev’s? Do you even look at this channel?

No they almost never respond to feature requests

This was a great read, thank you

Devs dont pickup suggestions, community managers do. And they can never answer, will they do or won’t. It’s up to team lead to decide goals. Thats why you never see reactions. There are really just some small indie companies which can afford free speech community managers, any big company goes with silence.

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