Please add Cosmetic Pets to Soulforge

We really need a way to get these cosmetic pets to upgrade them. Kingdom upgrade depends on having 4 pets to 20 (Mythic) in Kingdom’s higher levels. example: Pan’s Vale, Ghulvania, Darkstone.
Please add Cosmetic Pets to Soulforge or another way. @Kafka


Plz change cosmetic pets to be useful (i.e. makin them linked to a certain troop like you did with the recent ones) and add them to the drop table.
Or remove them entirely…
If you want to keep them, make them not related to power levels at all.

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It would be great if they got added to the Soul Forge, since there is already a cosmetic pet in there. But don’t have them require cursed runes, diamonds, or orbs of anything to craft them. They are cosmetic and don’t do anything other than help raise a kingdom level.

As there as so many of them and are cosmetic only, they should only ever require souls and traitstones to craft. Something only the lines of 1000 souls, 10 runic traitstones of their color (same as pet food color), and then 2-3 arcane traitstones of their affiliated kingdom.

There is already a Troops tab in the Soul Forge, so add a Pets Tab or add them into the Troops tab, and cycle them each week based on the kingdom that’s being promoted that week.

And if you do add them, maybe add in the actual kingdom pets that give bonuses as well. Again cycle them to correspond to the current kingdom and to not make the Pet Gnome encounter/gnome bait pointless, limit the number of copies you can craft to 1-3 of them and up the crafting requirements to cost double the cosmetic pets. So 2000 souls, 20 runic, 10 arcane traitstones, and 25 diamonds.


That’s a contradiction :sweat_smile: Either they do nothing, or they raise kingdom power.

While it doesn’t hurt to ask, I expect devs are more likely to release more single troop pets in the future than to change existing cosmetic pets, which still collect plenty of gems for them. The “pet will only be available in a rescue one day every few years” triggers major FOMO in many of us :grimacing:

Aren’t there other threads open with the same topic/discussion?!

I’d like to see others be able to get all cosmetic pets too, but tbh I planned/invested/fought hard to the point of having all cosmetic pets maxed out. If others now want a easy&cheap soulforge way I’d say, “nah!”. If you want to simply easycraft in my opinion you should have to (massively) “overpay” for this.

I have the same thoughts, but I don’t understand that the devs don’t actively push this whole cosmetic pet thing a bit more. They could easily drain gems out of so many accounts if they’d put out more re-runs of old cosmetic pets. Do a cosmetic pet re-run every saturday and done. With the amount already released it’ll take plenty of time to ensure a single re-run of every cosmetic pet even. And next to noone will have enough gems to weekly buy all to max. But it would be a solution to help people get old cosmetic pets through time.

This would be so ridiculously cheap that it would undermine the need to ever spend gems on them during the oh-so-rare Costmetic Pest Rescues. You’re talking piddling amounts of relatively common resources; even if a player had to spend that 31 times to get enough copies of the pest to ascend it to mythic, it’s not something that’s difficult or even that time-consuming to accumulate. And the veterans who would benefit from this likely have all that lying around and plenty more.

If you want the developers to put cosmetic pests in the Soulforge, you have to make it worth their while. And said cost probably has to include rare resources that are difficult/impossible to farm because the accessibility issue ceases to become a thing if you can expect a cosmetic pest to roll around on a semi-regular rotation the way old mythics do now. You probably need to involve diamonds and other colored gems (Ruby, Sapphire, et cetera) if not Cursed Runes as well in order for this to make sense for the developer.

It’s further questionable just how necessary cosmetic pests will be for kingdom power levels with the introduction of the Legends Reborn mechanic and the flood of new pests that will (eventually) result from that.

I think you’d have a better chance of success with the developers if you could provide a compelling argument for the return of Cosmetic Pest Saturdays, or for something like Cosmetic Pest Bait, or even for some mechanic to get Cosmetic Pest Gnomes. Maybe the latter could be something that’s exclusive to a particular game mode that “isn’t played enough” or somesuch, and maybe also result in a new Gnome troop to add to the Vault drops – the developers seem to like those as well.

But your idea above probably doesn’t fly with the developers because you’ve set the price point too low for the developers to have any potential profit from. The veterans who would benefit most from your idea would simply buy them all up in the first rotation and not even notice “the cost”, not what they paid to acquire 31 (or fewer) copies of a particular pest, and many of them wouldn’t even notice the amount of food necessary to feed them to Level 20.

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Legends reborn has made the need for cosmetic pet ascension irrelevant, as long as you are patient. The bigger issue is that the ever increasing pet pool dilution necessitates a corresponding modification in pet gnome drop rate to maintain the opportunity to rescue the pets that actually do make a difference. I haven’t seen a pet gnome all week and that’s harsh because drop rate has never increased despite colossal pet numbers (and thats just gonna get worse and worse). The whales may be able to throw 1000s of gems at the pet rescue shop when a desirable pet appears but for most of us that simply isn’t a viable or affordable option. #cost of living crisis.