We need pet gnomes in explore

Hi…I dont know if I’m in the right spot but i have an issue i would like to bring up. Since making explore so important now pet gnomes have almost been non existent and it’s really holding up my game progress with kingdom power so either add pet gnomes to explore OR add pet orbs we can use to lvl pets something we can still make forward progress with please I’ve been playing for 3 yrs and I really still love this game but this issue is really not cool everything we need for kingdom powers we can access, farming trait stones, farming ingots, crafting mythics ect but nothing extra we can do for pets and with everyone doing explore now there needs to b something done about pets more like a 2nd source to lvl them since we get all these cosmetic pets that never show back up we need another way to lvl pets
Thank you for your time and this great game


Yep, was brought up here a while ago: