Pets we don't have yet

After looking around for a bit, and glancing through the patch notes, it looks like the pet system in Gems of War has been around for a little over a year. The pet system was already well established when I started. I find it a bit strange that some of the pets that we know will be in the game are still missing. With that in mind. I’ve decided to make up and organize a list of all missing pets for Gems of War.

Kingdom Bonus Buff

Kingdoms without any pet

The Vault

Although The Vault does not have a location on the game screen, neither does Guardians, Apocalypse, or Primal. So if they all get pets, why shouldn’t The Vault? Dhrak-Zum is more surprising, as in order to increase a kingdom to 9 stars, collecting a pet from that kingdom is a requirement. Guess we just have to hope the devs remember before we start focusing on Dhrak-Zum.

Kingdoms with one, or more, buff pets but no kingdom bonus pet

These kingdoms have pets, and those pets provide some kind of bonus, but they still lack a pet that provides a kingdom bonus

Divinion Fields
Mist of Scales
Wild Plains*

*Has two or more buff pets

Kingdoms with buff pets and cosmetic pets

These are kingdoms with a golden opportunity to have their kingdom bonuses, as cosmetic pets serve no purpose at all, other than to look cool sitting on your shoulder.

Maugrim Woods
Swords Edge*

*Has two or more buff pets

I find Blackhawk to be a particularly grave offender as there are TWO cosmetic pets for Blackhawk, as well as the ever useful Mini Mimic. Just make the parrot the Blackhawk kingdom bonus pet, it fits for pirates anyways. I know that isn’t likely to happen, but when pirates get slighted I get salty… Let’s move on

Kingdoms with cosmetic pets, but without buff pets

Sin of Maraj

Arguably these two are the worst offenders on this list. Although I doubt that a Guardians buff pet will ever be released, there is a bonus you receive when using multiple guardians on your team. King of Eternity, Duke of Eternity, and Lord of Eternity for four, three, and two Guardians respectively. However, I sincerely question why the Sin of Maraj pet provides no bonus and serves as the only pet from that kingdom. I suppose it fares better than Dhrak-Zum in that regard, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The unfortunate reality of the above list is probably that the devs are trying to save pets for later pet events, or perhaps just forgot how many they were still missing. But it means that using teams based on these kingdoms is just slightly less beneficial than using any other kingdom. Of course, the real value of any team is the troops themselves, but it couldn’t hurt to have a few more +2’s.

Troop Type buff pets

What follows is a complete list of troop types which have no pet to buff them up.



*Looks like it has one coming up, at least I hope so, I would love to shorten this list.

I highly doubt that the Boss type will ever get a pet, as the only unit currently in the game with this type is Zuul-Goth. With that in mind, there is no possible team bonus for this type. You do however receive a bonus for using unique Doom troops. There are six troops, and they all have identical abilities save for their elemental affinity, so I doubt that a full Doom team would be wise.

In total, that is 27 buff pets that are currently absent from the game. If they released a new pet to fill these holes every single week, it would still take roughly 7 months before they finished. And let’s be honest, despite the slight I made about cosmetic pets earlier, it’s not like our motivation to play through pet events would decline after getting all the buff pets. We still need to earn pets that we already have just to ascend them, and we need ludicrous amounts of food to max their levels.

With all that said, I guess I’ll get ready for the eighth scheduled event in a row to give me a pet I already have. XD Tell me what you think down below.
Edit: Updated June 2019


Did you also notice the drop has gone way down? It’s normal to get only 1 pet after all 8 battles,
where 2 updates ago you averaged around 3-4 per 8 battles, some times more, which was rare,
but happened enough to notice.

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1 is not uncommon, but neither is 3 in my experience. I just got 5 Slimeballs from a pet rescue, so chalk it up to RNG? :man_shrugging:

Yep, the drop rates have not been altered for pets.

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