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Minor visual glitch with Gnomes' drops

There is a visual/graphical glitch that may mislead people to think they did not receive their reward after a Gnome kill…


  1. The Traitstone reward given for a victory is a Minor one
  2. A Treasure Gnome appeared during the combat
  3. The Gnome reward is a bag of two Minor Traitstones
  4. The three Minor Traistones happen to be of the same color/kind


The Gnome reward does not appear as a separate bag with two Minor Traistones inside and the combat reward shows three Traistones instead of one.

If I had not paid attention, I would have thought that the Gnome drop was null.
I guess the same would probably happen with Celestial Traitstones simultaneous drops.

This is already know. Maybe it’ll be addressed in the next minipatch, 3.4, that is supposed to come soon.

Well, my bad then.
But I did check the listing of the 3.3 known issues before posting and I did not see anything about it.

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No problem, it’s a recurrent topic/issue and the information is probably scattered in many threads but not properly listed into the Know Issues.