I feel that gnomes are broken for me

I’ve done a TON of battles both in PVP AND explore and can’t seem to find one. I’m on PC. Now, the weird thing is I could have sworn I saw a gnome reward (gold border, lots of gold) after a match. I should have snapped a screen shot but I clicked off due to muscle memory.

Has anybody else got a gnome reward drop without actually seeing the character card?

I find them easy to miss if I don’t pay attention, they sort of blend in with the other troops. Best way to notice them is to listen for a crazy laugh at the start of the battle.

No, but I’ve had two now that have left absolutely nothing. :-\

Was it PvP the Gnome appeared?
Could be someone has the troop and is using it in their defence, which doesn’t give you a reward.


I actually found one today, and SAW it. I think I may have missed the one where I got a reward from. But I definitely saw one today so it appears I was either missing them or getting ultra unlucky.

Casual pvp seems to throw more up than ranked if you want to find them in pvp.

I almost never notice the actual gnome, but my farming routine involves sort of slowly scanning the rewards. Usually when I’m farming it’s for traitstones so I pause just long enough to see what I got.

If you’re moving really fast or “distracted farming” where you’re doing something else while farming, you aren’t going to notice gnomes. You’re just going to notice, about once or twice a decade, you have a vault key and don’t remember why.