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Gnome rewards...or failure to receive them (Xbox1)

Hi all,

Fairly new to the forums (been lurking but this is 1st post).

Has anyone playing on console encountered a bug where the treasure Gnome fails to drop rewards?

I had at least 10 occurrences of this during the recent gnome event and have noticed it periodically since, managed to get a dvr recording of it again while playing last night.

I’m fairly sure it is an actual gnome in all cases as they have all occurred in explore rather than PvP etc (where a player can have the gnome card). The gnome has the gold sack in the top left corner of the card, makes the “golden shower” on death and has the characteristic sound clip when it turns up. The issue is that no reward is then dropped post battle .

Link to dvr clip: https://www.trueachievements.com/gameclip.aspx?clipid=87250539

The gnome battle is the second battle in the clip and replaces a frost wolf in 1st slot.

You got 2 minor stones. Problem is they don’t show in the usual “loot sack” the other gnome rewards do. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon due to probably thousands of support tickets.

yeah I saw that after maybe the 15th viewing. needs more coffee.