Gnome Reward Glitch

(Xbox One Player) I was farming Gnomes in Maugrim Woods in explore mode,and came across a Gnome in the battle,the defense team was Worldbreaker,Druid,Treasure Gnome,Kerberos,all fully traited,I use Sunbird’s spell to kill the Gnome,and Kerberos’s 3rd trait triggers bringing in a Warg in the Gnomes spot. I am able to kill all the remaining troops however I did not get any Treasure Gnome rewards after the battle. I assume it had to do with Kerberos 3rd trait replacing the Gnome after Sunbird died? I have the capture video on xbox one will post in GOW club shortly.

Check 2 things on your video: Did you get the 3 minor traitstones combined reward? Was it really a treasure gnome with a sack in the corner or was it just a regular gnome troop that can sometimes spawn in explore matches?

All Gnomes you fight in explore are real Gnomes and all yield rewards as far as I know. I know you can face player owned Gnomes in pvp,I set one on my defense,but this Gnome had the sack in the top left corner so it was a real Gnome regardless,and no,I just got 1 blue Runic Water Traitstone along with the usual other rewards. No Gnome treasure.

Video uploaded to GOW club on Xbox One under Gnome Glitch

Same problem on pc

No doubt,I feel like I was robbed and not the Gnome lol. Could have been a vault key for all we know,but we never will. I just wanted to bring it to the devs attention,wasn’t sure if any Gnome glitches had already been discovered or talked about.