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Treasure Gnome fringe case - no reward

Platform, device version and operating system
Steam, Win10

Screenshot or image
No chance to replicate yet

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The expected bonus loot from the treasure gnome did not appear in the after battle summary after killing a treasure gnome (with the money bag) and winning the match.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Potentially fringe case. Out of the grinding necessary to collect 24 vault keys over this event, it happened 3 times. I may have seen this with a Valraven once as well, but cannot say for sure. Makes sense if it did, though.

Steps to make it happen again
Using Sunbird, Imperial Jewel, Fire Bomb, Fire Bomb at Blighted Lands doing Explore on Normal difficulty.
Treasure Gnome was in the first slot.
Casted both fire bombs into sunbird. Full team dies, but in the spot where the gnome was, a warg has been summoned.
Killed warg, after battle summary shows no reward from the gnome.

I believe I’ve narrowed this down to be pretty close, but with only 3 occurrences, there may be additional factors that I’ve missed. My theory is that if the gnome and another troop that has a summon-on-death ability is killed in the same action, and the gnome’s slot has been replaced by the summoned troop, the action to present the bonus loot is never reached because it lies outside of the new action flow. From the programming side, I’ve made this same mistake before albeit in a much simpler form.


Hey StoneLight, please check your in-game mail.

Also, this is a known issue which our team is investigating correcting at this moment, so I’ll mark this thread as closed.

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