Minor traitstones

Have you guys found a reliable way to farm these? I seem to get less of these types than anything else.

Actually, I think its a case of us needing to spend proportionally more of them than anything else.

But yes, they’re fairly scarce when we need them.

As for getting them… bulk buying Gold Keys usually nets a few of each. And they do show up in PVP and quests and probably challenges.

It’s definitely in need of some work.

Well, it is not like we had enough of the other traitstones either. I am confident something will be done. As it is there is no real way to farm them. Play the game, invade other players and get your keys. You will have enough traitstones eventually.

The minor trait stones usually run out due to more of them being needed than any other stone as well as the fact that the only chest they appear in are gold chests.

Currently the only way to specifically “farm” trait stones is to buy the weekly 400 glory reward, which will give 2 of that week’s epic trait stone. Epic trait stones seem to be the hardest to obtain due to their numerous variety. Even the legendary trait stone seems to be more common than the epics due to there only being one legendary trait stone, yet over 9000 epic ones (at least seemingly). xD