Merchant why not..?


a dream, but why not …
a merchant allowing us to exchange excess of souls , map , gold and glory against gems :wink:

Poll: Pirate Market (for the Pirate Kingdom)

Something to do with souls would be especially handy… I have them coming out of my ears… Need to have words with that Keeper Of Souls - he needs to be more careful…


That’s the problem, he just wants to keep them all…


Haha, it would be nice. It seems 1.0.8 is going to be doing something with souls though.

I’d really love a use for excess treasure maps.At this point they would be better off with bandits than in my storage doing nothing.


Well he’s doing a pretty shoddy job of it, I have many many thousands… should call him the Loser Of Souls… Misplacer Of Souls… OopsWhereAreMy Souls…


Coming soon ™


i want a trading system in place so i can trade troops with my guild mates