In game trading center

As a late player I have no use for souls any more.And gold only used for legendary tasks and that’s it.What if we create a trading center where we can exchange various things. e.g
gold=for glory
gold=for souls(if anyone need them)
gold=for gems
souls=for gold
souls=for glory
souls=for gems
minor stones=another minor stones
major stones=major stones
runic stones=runic stones
Now in order not this system to be abused(e.g soul farming) we can define a weekly limit as how many of each category player can exchange
And when it comes to stones I know a crafting system is not an option,but exchange a minor stone to another needed minor stone I don’t think it will ruin anything
The amounts can be fine-tuned
well that is it :grin:


Am in favor of almost anything like this.
Hopefully it is coming… :wink:

No chance. Gets asked for on a regular basis. Devs won’t mess with the economy so simplistically…


^ This is normally my job. But still. This.

I would vote only for stone crafting