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I wish we could trade resources

I’d gladly trade 300,000 souls for 300 minor fire trait stones.

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Which is basically why you can’t. The ability to freely trade one resource for another, at any rate of exchange, eliminates their unique value, and the unique value of any activity used to acquire them. Rather than having an incentive to participate in a variety of activities, there ends up being just one optimal one. You farm for a single resource, then convert it to whatever you need. It’s initially satisfying, but the lack of variety quickly makes it boring for most people.


Ya I don’t expect them to do that at all. I just recall that even two months ago I needed so many souls souls I was disenchanting everything to get more. Now I have a massive surplus and hundreds of unchanted cards. I now have 90% of my troops fully traited and need minor fire stones more than anything else.

Tough part is with guild contributions, There is not much gold left to buy the keys needed to get them as glory keys don’t give minors.


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Ironically, it’s kinda like why a large group of long timers realize, only play PvP.

It generates trophies, gold and glory at the fastest rate.

  • Trophies for Guild for prestige / rank
  • Gold > Kingdoms then Guild for Tasks = Gems & Keys & Souls = chests and kingdom leveling
  • [edit] Save gems for VIP chests, those > gold, arcanes & leg / mythics, use gold for gold chests
  • Glory > Weekly troops

PvP is basically a one stop shop at some point.

If resources could be traded, and rewards were spread through various games, folks could actually play whatever game type they liked (Arena, farm for maps to treasure hunt, other new mini-games, explore, or still continue to play PvP) then they could trade what they had overages of, for other items…

Or, folks can continue to be incentivized to really focus on PvP grinding activity, solely, at some point of their gaming venture in gems…

PVP gets me everything except commons, minor stones, and on-demand arcanes

Well put. I don’t play anything other than pvp as the rest of the games just do not generate enough rewards.


It works fine for me for commons… I just save up the guild gems for VIP chests… I buy them in blocks of 50. Each VIP chest gets you 2K gold… so you just dump a portion of that back into standard chests until you are fully mythic’d out. Minor trait stones come with it.