Guild resources pooling

The ability to put over-resource into a guild pool for other members to draw on when needed. Such as souls, and someone drawing from the pool pays a tax of sort like Warframe trade so it can’t be exploited by new guild members looking for a quick DB and leave. Gold and souls are close in value as well as other resources.


I agree with this 100%…I can also see putting in extra troops…for a increased tax.

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Maybe Mythics excluded? The cost balance would bring it right back to p2w which is a high argument right now. But then again, what do I care at this point to drop an extra Xath into the pool for someone level 300 or less to grab at a 3rd time cost? If it helps them and my guild grow, it’s fair.
Could probably also further add limitation that only those above the lowest rank can draw from guild pool. This way someone can’t join a top 20 guild then take the goodies and run. Needs a little check and balance, invest to guild first. Sure, friends can bump friends for insta benefits, as will any co-op, but most top guilds don’t play that way.

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There’s no difference between this and trading. It will probably never happen for that reason.


I’m with RiverSong on this one. The game’s economy was balanced around not being able to transfer resources—especially troops—between players. Allowing this as a possibility would mean a huuuuuuuuuge overhaul of the system. It would require

  • a new resource that you spend each time you want to send/receive resources (This prevents experienced players from flooding the resource market immediately. Lots of endgame players have millions of souls, and even more gold. Not to mention the hundreds or thousands of copies we have of some troops.)
  • a drastic rebalancing of what chests can drop (if troops can now be shared across the guild, they need to show up less frequently so that players complete their collections at roughly the same pace)
  • a dramatic increase in cost of chests (if troops need to show up less frequently, chests need to cost more to open so that fewer of them get opened)
  • a decrease in how many keys players get (see above)
  • more than one of the above

All in all, I don’t like the implications of this new system. I would much prefer to keep things like they are.


Doesn’t require a NEW resource to trade. As my op refers to Warframe where all weapon and currency has it’s own value that must be offered in trade so a negative cannot happen. It’s true barter to get what you need. If you can’t match then you can’t get it.
Just because top players can flood resources into a pool doesn’t mean just anyone can take them freely infinite. Also, my post was about basic resources, souls and gold, stones. Another suggested troops, and I gave a reasonable alt for that. I don’t think troops should be part of the equation, though at some level their value could be assessed for gold and souls.
I appreciate the feedback and your time for counter.

We have guild and legendary tasks, that’s how a guild shares resources. Rich members might donate more so poor or just getting started members get a boost. Everyone can earn gold easily enough.

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There is no reason for this. Guild resources comes from guild donations and legendary tasks.

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Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but they do not want new players to be power leveled by other players. Being able to just withdraw what is needed to catch up from those who have more than they’ll ever need won’t work with this game. Not because it can’t be done, or wouldn’t be fun, but because the entire business model for the game is making new players play for years, or spend money, to catch up with those who’ve been around since the beginning. Consequently, also why this game will never achieve any sense of balance.

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The problem is that such a system just begs to be exploited for utterly crazy benefits. Create a guild with a ton of sleeper alt accounts, put your gold into the most rewarding guild tasks, funnel all rewards to your main account. If you save up enough gold you can even stay in a real guild most of the time, you just need the patience to only treat yourself to a round of Christmas presents every other month or so.

This is a bad idea.
I can already tell that the developers will ignore it immediately for the reasons stated above.