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Poll: Pirate Market (for the Pirate Kingdom)

Since Pirates do a lot of shady stuff and they have their own market (black market), why not add one for the Pirate kingdom?

Buy or Sell Traitstones -
Minor - 5,000 gold each or 100 glory each or 20 gems each
Major - 10,000 gold each or 200 glory each or 40 gems each
Runic - 20,000 gold each or 400 glory each or 80 gems each
Arcane - 50,000 gold each or 800 glory each or 160 gems each
Celestial - 100,000 gold each or 1600 glory each or 320 gems each

sell price being half the worth of buying (example: minor sells for 2,500 gold or 50 glory or 10 gems)

  • Good idea
  • I dunno or On the fence
  • Bad Idea

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With those numbers, I would get over 100,000 gems instantly. :smiley:

Half of 40 for majors would be 20. I have over 12,000 unneeded major traitstones alone not even counting other categories.

There is also the problem that people can buy the glory packs for 400 getting 2 arcanes, then sell them for 400 glory each for a total of 800. That is a 400 glory profit plus all the other resources for free and would be infinite with those numbers.


Well thats you, normal players don’t have 500 Mythics (with hundreds of copies), 999k scrolls, 99 million gold, and lol seriously you’d have an advantage regardless of what penalties or pluses are added to the game.

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The glory exploit would still work. Anyone with 400 glory under your numbers would have infinite resources. that is 99.9% of the game.

Well devs could simply remove the Glory & gems options in terms of selling - they own it after all.

I’m still in favor of the explore map fix idea that is floating around to fix traitstones.

Simply allow a treasure map to be spent in explore for increased rewards and it would fix every problem. Something like 3 traitstone drops when using a map in explore instead of the 1 it always does now would be enough.

Also, based on your numbers on just gold alone, it would be cheaper to just spam gold keys, sell the excess, and repeat. Then infinitely buy better traitstones.


A second test? Maybe yes, probably no …

Hadn’t seen that idea, yet - but really like it!

For the OP: nah, a marketplace to buy / sell traitstones isn’t gonna happen. Devs can’t make that kind of conversion so easy.


Hmmm yes i think i’ll take gems for these! :heart_eyes:


I’ve been thinking on a way to use maps on a second type of mini-game/feature for Blackhawk:

  • It could be something simple as using X maps to send an expedition that would return in X hours bringing some rewards, not the same (as much as) tresure hunting, but with some extra stuff to be used on something else… <- Attempt at mysterious tone.
  • Trading the maps for some of the stuff i’m working on.

What about using maps to buff the daily login bonus?
What about being able to convert maps for Keys?
What about using maps for a new additional mini game?
What about using maps to Ascend them creating a “Mythic Map”?
“Mythic Maps” can be used for…

I wish people would quit assuming I’m expecting ANY FEATURE to be as simple as spitting.

Seriously, I’m not an idiot or a naive child, duh these things take time, money, and effort.

I wonder something, could this be turned into a mini-game?

I do love the concept of having a conversion marketplace in the game, a dust system that can obtain any card, and other features.

The main problem with them is they are excessively hard to balance with any game economy, particularity GoW since it has so many different resources and ways to obtain those resources. If they implement even 1 part of it wrong, their whole in game economy crashes. It is a very high risk for such a small return on the dev’s side.


Ok, I’m just getting SICK of this random crap where it says “you’re more likely to get this here” but then end up with something really cheap, something you have an overabundance of, something you’re “Oh FFS not another one!!”

If I understood the game as well as the “Already Have Everything” pros, I wouldn’t be here requesting a less stressful way to get the things I’m after.
At least I’m not requesting: “Legendary Only Chests for 100 gold”. I’m seriously trying to think of requests that would be good for the game as well as the players. I’m not trying to break the game…

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Okay calm down. No insult meant. Not assuming anything about you. Don’t assume people are.

Just disagreed with the idea. Not questioning your motives. Just think it wouldn’t be to the good of the game.

That is why I want treasure maps to be usable in explore.

The main concern of your post seems to be traitstones. If using a map on explore were to give 1 or 2 additional drops on the initial drop, that would solve the traitstone farming issue in this game. Treasure maps can be farmed in challenges at a rate of 20-50 per hour using various Tyri teams that feed her mana. Then just use those maps at explore in a kingdom of needed traitstones. Then boom, problem solved.

Nearly solved. OP does rightly identify that we get an imbalance of the things, and dead stockpiles that we can do nothing with.

I just don’t think simply selling them is the solution.

Reason I suggest selling is so people can use the gold on Guild, kingdom upgrades, chests, etc.

I was gonna suggest a Trade option, but I was figuring I’d get slammed for it (trading in any fashion in GoW seems to be a HUGE No-No).

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i’ve never heard of such issue :grin: