Can we have traded or share features?

I enjoy this game, I love making a team, join a good guild, have a friend that wants me to test her team out.

One of the issue I have is i get so many of the same troop when i already have it as a mythic. Yes I know I can turn it to souls but, I’d rather give them to friends that’s trying to complete there team or help people get to mythic as well.

Not to mention with the guild wars now starting, if i can help a guild mate build their team better, the better our guild would be.

What do all you think?

I would like to see a trade in for traitstones

I don’t think it’ll ever happen. Trading has two immediate drawbacks that spring to mind:

  1. One of the retention tools of the game is to catch-'em-all. Allowing for trades essentially trivializes this mainstay, and to compensate, they’d need to vastly reduce the drop rate of anything remotely rare. (See pre-2.0 Diablo 3 for a similarly tuned marketplace, and the negative effects it had on the loot and progression system.)
  2. Allowing players to gift or trade anything immediately opens the gates for out-of-band (unauthorized) selling of virtual currency (troops) for real currency (cash). This is a huge endeavor, as it exposes the devs to scamming and gambling accusations from which they are otherwise insulated.

In addition to @Lyya’s great points I’ll just add that while I totally understand the desire to add trading, the real issue that you’re trying to solve with trading is giving players a direct way to get the cards they want or need. This is something the Devs have recently acknowledge and are looking into but would (most likely) not be via trading but rather some kind of crafting system.

I, for one, would much rather they put their limited time into that. :slight_smile:


guild war sentinels make me wish i could donate souls to guild members…

Trading would kill the game, bad idea. @Lyya already mentioned it in #2, but an extension of that black market is that in F2P games this also causes an effect where people will create hundreds of “farming” accounts, to improve chances at rare drops they can sell. Can’t see it happening, as there’s too much evidence out there about it, so only the most short-sighted developers would try this (and we have good ones).


@Lyya is spot on. D III was a cancerous pre-2.0. In addition other franchises have followed suit. Before Destiny shipped Bungee had a meeting with Blizzard (DIII, WoW) where they discussed trading. Obviously it was not included in their “new MMO in Space”.

As much as the players “want” trading the best decision is not to included it.

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