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Should Trading be added to Gems of War?

Should Troop and Resource trading within one’s one guild be added to the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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No. Unfortunely it wouldn’t work.

No, it is not needed this would have so many issues.

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Agreeing with Razzagor and Ghaleon.

While the concept would be nice in theory, it completely destroys the concept of gacha-based gaming and never would be allowed.

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This poll should be:
“Should new players start with 10,000,000 Souls, 100,000 msc Traitstones, and EVERY troop in the game fully Assended”

That might lead one to the actual probability of trading occurring.


true that :slight_smile:

Always some smarta$$ in my posts. this crap is getting on my nerves.

Cursing is not allowed

That’s why he censored it with 2 $

Wasn’t cursing.

Yes you were even if you censer it like that it’s still cursing

No, unless you want to start seeing trading posts (ebay and so on) involving real money

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я считаю что надо добавить, в пределах гильдии это облегчит жизнь в тренировке новичков, все равно у многих по миллионы душ и мификов и ненужных карт

This would probably lead to an unfair balance and make this game P2W, depending on the resource you spend for said trading. You can already ‘buy’ certain resources with gems like souls, traitstones and troops through the raid/invasion shops. Technically also diamonds to craft troops at an expense.
Directly ‘paying’ for a specific troop will certainly ruin the whole intend of our beloved game.

the only way that imho could work for trading would be to add strict limits on tradable resources and quantities: for example a player can receive max xxx souls per weeks, troops can’t be traded, and so on

Nooooope, never. I still have troops I need/want, and if someone were to just hand them to me it would ruin the fun of playing. Same goes with resources.

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Yes, I would give 100k souls for a Orb of Ascension, or a mythic troop extra copy for a major orb of ascension. I don’t care about game balance, or how others feel, I just want to own everything. IMO there is only one player in GoW, and that’s Bolatsi. I hope you all agree.

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Here’s what Viet said in English

I believe it is necessary to add, within the guild it will make life easier in the training of beginners, all the same in many millions of souls and Mifikov and unnecessary cards

The first thing I’d do is trade my account for cash value. The second thing would be uninstall.

They probably don’t want me doing that, so no. :smiley:

No. People should just learn how to play the game.