Crafting station

Resources should be able to be crafted, then used or auctioned off through a auction house.

Could you explain this more specifically?

We already have the Soulforge for crafting (certain kinds of) items, and there is but one item that can be exchanged between players – the Guild Gift.

Creating a place where players can exchange things for “prices” of their choosing is a recipe for nothing but trouble.

Especially in a free market economy where some, not all, but some players will charge an arm an a leg for Mythics like Gargantuan, Fallen Valdis, etc.

Trading has been asked for repeatedly over the years, like all the time

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I feel like with the game being so lootbox focussed, this is unlikely.

What I would like to see is the possibility to exchange extra/unwanted mythics for something other than a pittance worth of souls. Something like being able to use x base mythics to create one you actually want, or at least one you don’t have. Or x base legendaries for a mythic, etc. Or at least let us trade them for diamonds. With mythics being so hard to get, it’s beyond frustrating when 3 out of 5 you get are either useless or doubles.