Request: "Wandering Merchant" Event

Long-time player, first-time poster. Have you considered something like a “Wandering Merchant” event? Appearing periodically like any of the current events, a Merchant could enable trading of items the player has in abundance (I myself have hundreds of treasure maps and dozens of Arcane Light traitstones I would love to flip…) The Merchant could also carry some of the specialty weapons that have long disappeared (Oh, how I want that Beastly Bow!), and even rare creatures to add to one’s bestiary. Being able to convert a hundred of my Minor Magic traitstones to one or more of the main currency types would be a wondrous thing indeed. Thanks for your consideration.


this is pretty similar to an idea that @Slypenslyde had for gnome events

I like both of your ideas

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Any request of the basis “can I trade something I have too much of for something I don’t” never happens.

A merchant selling goods is a great idea, but it would be accepting gems or cash only.


that’s a good point. anything like this would result in end-game players snatching up a bunch of stuff on day one of the release, which is not something I imagine the devs would want.

It’s the point, it’s why the devs never do it and never even acknowledge these topics.
Free to Play games have an economy based on paying $$$, which is why they don’t want you to be able to generally trade stuff. Because you trade stuff for what you want and if you want it you might just pay $$$ for it.

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