Guild Banks, A new Guild feature

How about adding a bank for guilds. so guild members can exchange traitstones or troops or maybe even souls.

Trading between players is never going to happen because it opens the door to scams and real money abuse. Want 500 gems for $5? Come join my guild…

Nice idea for guild mates to help each other, but devs have ruled out many times… only way would be for devs to monitor and approve every transaction.

Alternatively (maybe this is what you meant) it’s more of a bartering system, with redesigned exchange rates set by the devs. E.g. I want a celestial traitstone, so I offer 5 arcanes - a guildmate puts in the celestial and the barter swaps them for us. But that sounds like a lot of work for the devs that won’t pay off much, and works around the gacha system that the game is built on to make money.


Randomness and inefficient distribution of resources relative to need is basically the game’s bread and butter. It’s obvious why players would look for any means to circumvent it, but the game’s longevity fundamentally depends on it. Beyond the whole gacha economy element, it’s what provides players with different experiences and opportunities from each other. Because different players will acquire and ascend troops in different orders, they will have to make their own strategic decisions and build their own teams based on availability, rather than simply following a step-by-step guide.


One of the original things I was hoping for from guild tasks were optional side tasks that used stuff other than gold - souls, traitstones, maybe even troops, to give the guild a total reward of less value than the total put in (but something different). It would still be inefficient and random, but the huge amount of resource dead ends in this game should be dealt with somehow.


I did a search for Guild Banks and this was the only thread I found, so I thought I’d revive the conversation…

There has to be something I can do with my 1k mythic and 2.5k legendary ingots. If I can’t gift them to guild members who don’t have as much time to grind as I do, and I can’t smelt them in Soulforge to turn them into deeds (or treasure maps, jk), then I guess they just rot in my inventory with all the traitstones.

I liked the proposal from @Mithran. I’m sure some compromise could be made that didn’t break the gacha economy. It might even give me incentive to grind more.