Gnome Shop / Destruction Forge

I’ve had similar thoughts when it came to this and I know that unless it can earn the Devs a profit or be monetized in some way for them it will never get implemented.

But for those of us with literally thousands upon thousands of resources that never get used and serve no purpose anymore I’ve had an idea of how to get rid of them or get some use out of them. Especially since the Devs idea of giving us something to do with them was to give us soul forge recipes tied to cursed runes making them useless for a number of us as we never seem to encounter a Cursed Gnome (been about 2-3 months since I last saw one).

Option #1 - The Gnome Shop (or give it another name)

Basically this is a menu that you can open and get a Shopkeeper (figured a Gnome would be most applicable) where you could sell all of your accrued/unused resources for gold. Cause I could at least use that to dump into Guild Tasks.

Or instead of gold a Gnome Shop specific currency that could be used to purchase other resources/items.

This way be could get rid of treasure maps, ingots, trait stones, and other items we probably have 100s to 10s of 1000s of or more (cause I know I do). Of course each item would sell for different amounts and higher rarities would get you higher amounts.

Ex) Sell 100 treasure maps, common ingots, or minor trait stone and get 1 Shop coin. Sell 100 rare ingots or major trait stones and get 2 Shop coins. etc etc as we go up in rarity.

Maybe even have a option to sell chaos shards, jewels, and orbs.

Then in turn, using similar pricing as with the Holiday events, spend “Shop Coins” for:

200 coins for 100 pet food of a specific color
300 coins for a chaos orb, 400 for a minor orb, 600 for a major orb, 800 for an Orb of Power
300 coins for 1000 shards, 100 jewels of a specific color, or 50 diamonds
250 coins for 1 copy of a cosmetic only pet
500 coins for 25 cursed runes or 100 dragonite
100 coins for 1 deed of a chosen color, 1000 for an Imperial deed, 1500 for a Book of Deeds.

Maybe add verses and forge scrolls or even add weapons to this of Epic rarity and lower.

Option #2 - Destruction Forge

A similar menu to the Soul Forge. But instead of crafting recipes, its destruction recipes. Where you can destroy resources either into their lesser components or into shards.

This would still cost souls or you just wouldn’t get the souls back. Such as:

Destroying a deed and getting 100 jewels and 100 writs back.
Destroying an ingot would get a shards based on the rarity.
Destroying a major orb would get the you the number of regular orbs it would cost to craft a major one.
Destroying trait stones I think should get you jewels based on the color.
Destroying jewels gets you the shards back.

This way we could get rid of these old resources that serve no purpose after a certain point and repurpose them into something we could use.


I like the idea in the abstract. I just don’t see the developers ever getting behind it, because part of the foundation of these gacha games is that the old currency becomes and remains worthless, while new currencies are introduced. And this is done for a variety of reasons. It’s not that I agree with it, but I’m not going to get my hopes up for a fundamental change in the paradigm.

And because a lot of veterans probably have so much of the old, useless currencies such that they’d be able to convert that into a boatload of coins and buy tons of the new currency through your idea. I know I probably would. Which would probably defeat the purpose of making those old things obsolete and bringing in the new stuff, at least for the veterans.

It would have to be 5000 coins for a Book of Deeds if it’s 100 coins for a single colored deed. Because that’s the conversion ratio in the Soulforge.


I notice you don’t mention gems in any of these conversions…

I like the idea/have always liked the idea of say exchanging excess resources for a simple resource like Gold. I don’t think it’s something that would actually ‘break’ the game economy, it would just have to be factored in, which could be complex – and I just don’t know if the dev team could be bothered or has anyone with the required math skills.

I had thought 505 had people the dev team could consult for how to make this kind of thing work, or was typically who handled things to do with the game economy.

Tbh, especially with a lot of the recent compensation issues, it’s a shame there isn’t a Gems of War 505 rep on the forums with some financial authority/delegation who can engage and provide quick answers to some of those compensation topics, instead of having to wait for the back-and-forth.