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Max player Level?

Just wondering what the max player level is for the console version

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Same as PC, 1000

also is it better to disenchant troops to power up a small groop of troops?

If you don’t have any mythic i wouldn’t disenchant anything

If orange are mythic then i have 1

Use Valkyrie to increase your Soul accumulation. It’s literally the only Troop that helps in that regard

Orange is Legendary, one rarity below Mythic which is a sky blue

People say to not disenchant until you’ve ascended the troop to mythic but I think it’s better to disenchant troops that are never going to be used anyway if it gives your useful troops extra levels, especially when you are lower level. Later on in the game you’ll get many more copies of the useless troops than you’re disenchanting right now.

Disenchant Common (Grey), Rare (Light Green) and Ultra Rare (Dark Blue) only then.

Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange) are hard to find and accumulate copies

so i should use valkyrie and anything that converts gems to red or yellow to far souls?

Actually you can also focus on Blue Troops since Valkyrie converts a chosen colour to Blue. You can use the Red/Yellow banner to charge Valkyrie faster.

Not sure what level you are but Druid is pretty easy to get early on and uses blue

at the moment i am level 31 and have all kingdoms exept the 4K areas unlocked

You may have good timing. If you dont already know the PC version of the game has more content and there are plans for the console version to catch up by mid December. That may, or may not, mean free troops will be floating around occasionally

Even if you don’t use them its better to get them to mythic to help 5 stars kingdoms
I did it that way and now i only need to ascend 5 legendary and will get them all to mythic

Once you got them to mythic they will be a good source of souls and you will be able to level up the card you use first then level up the rest ,

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i do have the pc version but i have spent more time on the xbox one version as my pc char is only level 16

My team i have currently setled with is Dwarf Lord Lv7, Valkyrie Lv16, Warlock Lv7 andDruid Lv7

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Level 436.and rising