Help with picking troops and pretty much everything for a new player

I’m sorry if you guys get one of these topics every five minutes, but I’m definitely a bit lost. I figured I would list my current troops and ask for any and all suggestions. I’m mainly wanting to know which I should Disenchant and which I should focus on leveling up. Just anything really. I feel like I’m kind of winging everything right now. Thanks in advance!

Stone Giant Lv 1
Satyr Lv 1
Goblin Lv 5
Boar Rider Lv 5
Chimera Lv 5
Finley Lv 5
Lance Knight Lv 1
Shadow Dragon Lv 6
Druid Lv 1
Kerberos Lv 5
Sacred Guardian Lv 1
Lady Sapphira Lv 9
Treant Lv 1
Rowanne Lv 1
Golem Lv 3
Acolyte Lv 1
Skeleton Lv 3
Atlanta Lv 1

What platform are you playing on?

Xbox One currently.

Here’s my suggestion.

Give your Hero a Red or Brown weapon, whichever color you’ve leveled higher.

Hero/Shadow Dragon (Depending on your Hero’s level, Shadow Dragon might be better in first slot.)
Hero/Shadow Dragon (Second place works for either.)
Boar Rider (To suck up the extra purple Shadow Dragon creates. + Awesome extra turn!)
Lance Knight (Board control and protection from pesky Rock Worms.)

Make Karakoth your Home Kingdom when you have the gold to unlock/move over to it.
Don’t forget to beat it’s Campaign and possibly Challenges once you’ve leveled your troops enough.

As for your flag, you likely don’t have it yet, but Sword’s Edge should work well. So start moving that direction when unlocking kingdoms. (AFTER you’ve unlocked Karakoth and made it your home.)

Don’t disenchant troops unless you have more than four of the same, you never know when you might need them. Hit the arena instead to obtain souls, with a bit of practice you’ll manage 8 wins most of the time, netting you 400 souls (plus costume bonus). Use the souls to get your core team to 15, especially for PvP.

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After watching that second patch 1.0.8 preview, don’t disenchant any troops at all. You’ll be able to upgrade the rarity of your troops, allowing them to get even more powerful. You’ll have to sacrifice 5 of the same troop just for the first upgrade level, so better start saving them right away.