Is there a Troop Guide out there?

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the game and don’t have a ton of time to play it, but was looking for a “tier” list of the troops. I know combinations and such can make some troops much stronger, but I hate spending resources on a currently good troop only to find out in a few weeks that they don’t have much of a role later in the game, where a creature I didn’t put much value on can fit in the later/end game stages.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Which troops can I level up without being wasteful?

Here’s a list of my current troops (Epics/Commons excluded since if someone recommends levelling an epic I’ll just unlock it during the story line, and I’m assuming commons don’t have much of a role late game)

Drake Rider
Ancient Horror
Blast Cannon
Spider Queen

Deep Borer
Dwarf Lord
Archon Statue
Mist stalker
Poison Master
Wolf Knight
Goblin Shaman

Hey there!
First off, just know that it’s always good to level up a troop even if it falls off and you won’t use it, because you still need them all at lvl 15 to level up your kingdoms. So don’t see it as a waste but as an investment! :slight_smile:

As for which troop to level, it really depends on both your playstyle and the people you’re playing against. Paladin or Roxanne in combo with Templar or Alastair are useless against true damage line-ups, yet they can be amazing against any other type of line-ups. It really depends on how you like to play in general.

I’ll give you my opinion on your troops, but bear in mind these are personal observations and do not reflect what every other player thinks! Also, I’m talking from an invading point of view and not from an arena’s one. :wink:

Ultra rare

  • Flamecannon: not great - AoE is nice at the start of a fight, but not much useful afterwards, when you only have one or two enemy troops remaining.
  • Drake Rider: he’s pretty cool I think, an upgraded version of Rhynax, boosted by gems, and allows you to take control of the board and fill up a red troop in the process.
  • Ancient Horror: nice but too fragile on its own.
  • Blast Cannon: pretty great - nice damage AND silence, however you don’t get to choose its target, which can be an inconvenience.
  • Spider Queen: I really like her, since I love all silencing / draining troop, you can choose the target and she removes armour. I used her in my early line-ups.
  • Lamia: a bit gimmicky. She had a great ability, but it only works as long as two troops are next to each other. As soon as you only have gaps, or when there is only one enemy left, she’s basically useless.
  • Chimera: pretty nice troop, especially since the mana cost has been decreased recently. Entangle + poison + damage, so nice combo! You don’t choose the target, but it’s always going to be on the bigger enemy, so you can set it up if necessary.
  • Berserker: I love the berserker. But you need to play him on top (to benefit from its huge attack bonus) AND to buff him (with either a troop that gives life or one that gives armour), since he’s a masochist who needs to hurts himself to get kicking.


  • Rhynax: not really good at higher level. The Drake Rider serves the same function and is far better.
  • Dryad: can be good if you play with the berserker or another masochist troop, and can be useful in a line-up that uses green, but I don’t really like her to be honest.
  • Summoner: pretty cool troop - he buffs everyone’s life and creates new troops if you have the empty space (say, if your first troop died for instance).
  • Deep Borer: meh - he can fills up a brown-using troop if the RNG is with you, and that’s about it.
  • Dwarf Lord: underrated I feel - decent damage, pretty quick to fill, can become quite the bulky warrior if left unattended.
  • Archon Statue: my first love, the first good troop I got, the first I leveled up to the max, and used for months - I’m faaaaar too biased to judge this troop! :innocent:
  • Revenant: can be useful on top (high attack), but only if you can buff him, since its life pool is really low. I’m not a fan at all, but this is a kind of troop that can shine in the right line-up (say with a skull-creating troop, a bullroarer-wielding hero and a celestia for instance).
  • Mist stalker: I don’t think that troop is really interesting, although the damage is decent for its mana cost.
  • Poison Master: I don’t like it because you can’t choose your target - all he does is explode ONE gem and poison a RANDOM troop, it just doesn’t feel that relevant to me.
  • Siren: pretty good, nice damage, but relies on RNGesus - can give you the board back, or can hand it to your enemy. Not a bad choice though.
  • Cockatrice: I like that troop: entangle + mana drain = pretty versatile. That troop fills up quite fast with a small bonus, and you can choose whether you want to entangle that high-attack top troop or prevent another to cast a spell. Not bad at all.
  • Warhound: not bad, not good, really situational.
  • Wolf Knight: I love troops with true damage, and the wolf knight is really really good. I don’t think he falls off at all. I know someone at my level who cannot remove him from his line-up! :slight_smile:
  • Goblin Shaman: if you have green-using troops, this one is an excellent add-on. He’ll generate green gems all over the board, and then gives you an extra turn to make sure you can catch them all. That’s a real friend!

But as I said, these are only personal views and other players might feel differently. And most importantly, just find what fits your playstyle, since it’s your gaming experience that matters! :smile_cat:

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Thanks for the detailed response!

I came to the same early game conclusions about many of the troops but some were surprising. I’ll level up Berserker, Drake Rider, and Wolf Knight. The Drake Rider is the best troop I Have I feel; even with a high attack I don’t have a good way to trigger the berserker unless I include a skeleton (which I might… puzzle quest I used a warrior that could flood the board with skulls and it worked well. Doubtful there’s such a broken combination in this game though).

Even with some of the stronger troops it draws out the games length and one thing I am lacking these days is time.


PS: Also looking for a decent guild. I’ve joined some but they’ve either been high bonuses/absent leaders, or present leaders and low/no bonuses.

Excellent choices! :slight_smile:
If you don’t have a lot of time to play and want blazing fast line-ups, I suggest you look into explosive troops (they fill every one very quickly - if you have the herdmaster for instance, you can never go wrong with him!) and you can use extra turn-type troop (basically, anyone from Zaejin really ^^). A classic combo would be something like the Goblin Shaman (paint the town green + extra turn) with some of those green-using extra-turn troop (think goblin, hobgoblin, satyr…), an explosive troop (like herdmaster or gorgotha) and your hero with whatever colour weapon you want (or another goblin, because why not?). The idea behind these line-ups is that they can take the board super quickly with the shaman, fills up everyone, and then ever stop playing. They’re really popular amongst players in defending line-ups (although to be honest I’m not a big fan of them). For even more “never let you opponent play” action, people use Venoxia / Webspinner in combo (I’m guilty of using it in my defensive line-ups because contrarily to every other player apparently, I hate defends, and people hate these line-ups, so no one attacks me. Yeah, that’s lame, I know.)

As for the guild, I urge you to check the guilds forums, a lot of guild leader post up their openings. :relaxed: I can’t really help you on that front because as for now, I’m in a super small “IRL” guild, and we haven’t talked about opening it up. But I’m sure you’ll find some guild that fits your needs in the forum section. :smile:

There was a few tier lists on the old forums too, might be worth having a poke around there Gems of War | Forums

Ya, Gems of War is a lot like other games. For the constructed environment, there really isn’t a tier list because certain combinations of cards are fantastic while the card is not good on its own (I.E. Paladin). As for the arena, I have the most recent tier list as far as I know, this is only for common to ultra rare… and I need to get an arena where I play-test summoner to figure out its power level (there maybe a bug right now where the ghoul is always level 10 and that would raise its power level in arena). Other than that I’m pretty much done, and when I am I’ll put the updated tier lists on these forums. That being said, I can say the top ones you should look for… again, these are power level on their own merit.

Common top tier: Rockworm (also great synergies in constructed, such as Acolyte) Goblin, Pride Stalker.

Rare top tier: Wight, Frost Giant, Wolf Knight, Boar Rider, Warlock, Owlbear

Ultra Rare top tier: Druid, Sacred Guardian, Herdmaster, Drake Rider, Blade Dancer (I am starting to fluctuate on Blade Dancer being T1 or T2, but for constructed its still pretty awesome.)