New to game, loveing it, but I have some questions!

So I started the game on a whim, as I was looking for a ‘Match 3 RPG’ akin to Doctor Who Legacy, but so far I am really enjoying it. I love the gameplay, and the fantasy style. That being said I am unsure of a few things, mainly…

  1. Thanks to a bit of luck and spending some £ on gems, I have built a Goblin based team (Goblin King Legendary, Goblin Rocket Ultra-Rare, Goblin Common and Hobgoblin) is this a decent team? How far into the game could I get with such a deck? I have a few other Epic/UR troops, but not really tried them out yet.

  2. Speaking of which, should I use my Hero? She seems rather ‘meh’ compared to some of the stronger troops I have and lack the bonuses. Is it alright if she is not on my team? Kinda feel guilty…

  3. Should I start disenchanting any troops? Kinda keeping them all at the moment until I am sure where I want to go team-wise.

Sorry for being a noob, and thanks for any answers!

  1. Goblins are the best to use to start out with. As you get and level other troops they do lose to much stronger troops. Especially once you get a fully traited team.

  2. Your hero is usually one of the weaker troops in your deck no matter what level you are. Bonus is that you gain experience and level up whether the hero is in the teams you use or not.

  3. As a low level player - don’t disenchant anything! You need multiple copies of troops to ascend them. This makes the troops stronger and once they are at mythic rarity and level 20 it benefits your efforts to power your kingdoms with stars.


Goblins make an excellent starter build, and you’ve got some good ones.

Your hero is pretty much just another troop. As you level up you’ll gain more hero stats. As you finish quest lines you’ll unlock classes that give your hero more stats and traits. If your build works without a hero, don’t feel guilty. If your build is better with hero, use them, if not, no loss.

Never disenchant troops. When you have over 5 copies you can sacrifice 5 to ascend the troop to the next rarity level, so common becomes rare or an ultra rare becomes epic. This gives the troop more stats and allows you to level it up one more time for more stats. Each ascension for a troop requires more excess troops (5, 10, 25, 50, 100) so it is a long term goal. Don’t disenchant any troop until you get it to Mythic rarity and have 4 of them.

A little early advice, unlock as many kingdoms as you can, work through quest lines for free Epic level troop (and for some kingdoms unlock a class), and then use gold to level up the kingdoms. Eventually they’ll reach level 10 and give a stat boost to ALL your troops. For example, if you get Adana to level 10 ALL troops get 1 point of extra Armor. And don’t be afraid to experiment, there is no penalty for losing really.


Just to add a bit of information about ascension:
While your troops will ascend into higher rarities, gain levels using souls, and get traits unlocked they can still be found on the basic chests where you got them and properly upgraded.

For example: Let’s say that you have enough copies of a Goblin card to ascend him into an Ultra-Rare tier. And after ascending it you end up just one copy, also let’s say that you increase his level using souls and unlock any of his traits, now all these characteristics will be valid/unlocked for all future Goblin cards you get. And as i said before, even if your Goblin is an Ultra-Rare now, that usually can only be found on Glory/Gems/Event chests, you still can find Goblin cards on regular Gold chests that are the most basic chests in the game.

So, in the end there is no downside


If you need Gold, run PvP
If you need Soul, run arena
For everything else, run treasure maps and join a guild

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All of the above, but emphasising ‘join a guild’. Many guilds advertise on this forum who accept new/low level players and in game chat is also a good place to look.

Hi @Valamist, and welcome.

I suggest you read this thread from top to bottom, it has lots of advice, answers to the same questions, and links:

Good luck gemming!


Check out the community guide section of the forum. There are a lot of great tips for newbies.

Someone from my guild created this helpful guide -
(Speaking of which… make sure you join an active guild. As you level up and get more kingdoms leveled and have more gold to give you can see how much you make a week and find a guild whose requirement you meet that might have a higher activity level than a starter guild. The better the guild the more rewards you will receive. It’s imperative you do this immediately as it’s the only way to get premium currency easily)

Also if you have a bit of time and like to watch videos, here’s a great guide geared towards newbie tips:

And of course @Tacet has great tutorials/videos as well. Check out his channel via profile.

Welcomes to gems of war!

Edit: cleaned up the links, thanks to @actreal for the tips! I’ve never used a forum where you can’t use the URL at the top of the browser to get to the general post and start at the top!


The single most important troop in the early gave is a fully-traited Golem in the first position. You’ll have to grind it out, but it’s worth it.

A friend told me about it when I first started, and it gave me a huge advantage against the people I was playing against in the early game.

Stoneskin on a troop as easy to trait as Golem is super nice in the early going, agreed. A bit debatable whether it’s the most important versus a troop like Valkyrie that is a great converter and also generates souls for you, but it’s still a very good choice.

@Mekkalyn You need to click the link icon at the bottom of the post (or reply) you want to link and then copy-paste that URL. That URL also gives you “credit” for anyone following that link which counts for forum badges (if you care about that sort of thing).

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Welcome to the forums! Arguably one of the best things about the game! :wink:

This might be a useful resource as well:

Most of my answers have been said already. I would suggest swapping out Goblin King for Boar Rider or some other Goblin (Shaman, Sir Snothelm, Nobend Bros, etc) since he promotes a fairly slow gameplay style (which you don’t want). The thing with Goblins is that they’re easy to get and mostly pretty cheap to upgrade (including traits). But you will eventually want a stronger team - right now, almost any legendary is worth you building a team around.

The thread Jainus linked above is excellent, tons of questions from people in your position.

Wow, thank you for all the great replies and links! I will go watch/read then ASAP. It’s nice to see that the game has a friendly and helpful community! :smile:

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I would second this tip! Don’t be fooled by Goblin Kings Legendary Troop status he’s one of the weakest in the group.

One more reminder to please follow the guideline as others have posted: NEVER Disenchant (until you have 4 Mythic copies of a troop)