Update for gems of war

Hi I was disenchanting my troops but stopped on advice of a fellow player as he said to save them and showed me a video of the new features coming out so I have lots of troops saved any idea when the update is coming

I haven’t seen any published timeframe for the updates for the consoles.

It is worth saving the troops. To elevate common troops to mythic rarity takes around 191 troops (5+10+25+50+100+1 to use.)

Not saving the extra troops isn’t going to cause you any problems when you do see the update. It’s just having the knowledge before the update gives you the ability to get a jump on regular players.

I realized a small picture to help

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Thanks this is what another player told me to watch it’s why I’m saving my spare troops just wondered when there releasing it

Consoles developers haven’t been very up front on release info, as it is your current version 1.0.7.X

Consoles aren’t even entirely .7, so .8 could still be a ways off. If you’re in serious need of souls though, I recommend a team sporting Valkyrie. She and the Arena are actually better sources for souls compared to disenchanting.

And if you have armor with a souls multiplier equipped, both those options become even better!

Thanks will get her up level 15 aswell I’m addicted since a friend showed me this game I haven’t played anything else

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