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Mawbe consider this

Two possible options to consider for Maw to tone it down - rather than just nerf

  1. Third trait (Devour) only become active AFTER the spell has been cast
    This would prevent games being won/lost after a lucky first turn skull match.

  2. After the one-shot spell is cast, that the troop can/must fill up with Mana again
    This would make the one-shot spell troop become a potential blocker for a short time (though obviously makes the secondary element of Maw’s spell a lot less useful). Once again this would give the other player a chance to recover after the potentially game changing effect of having a troop devoured has occurred.


Conceptually - how is tone it down different from nerf? Sounds the same to me…

For the balance changes you suggest:

  1. interesting, could work…
  2. don’t like it, bad idea, feels weird and would be hard to display too