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Math time once more

This is for those…(and myself for later) to find out/ learn the glory requirements for the event troops.
Step one how many troops does it take to ascend a rank.
Step two how much glory does it take to buy that rarity of troop.
Step three plug in the numbers.

Step one.
First Ascension: 5 duplicates
Second Ascension: 10 duplicates
Third Ascension: 25 duplicates
Fourth Ascension: 50 duplicates
Fifth Ascension: 100 duplicates

For ascension, rarity will be worked in reverse order.

Step Two.
Legendary requires one ascension so 6 event chests are needed. Cost for the chest is 500
Epic requires 2 ascension so 16 event troops. Cost for the event chest is 400
Ultra-rare requires 3 ascension so 41 event troops. cost = 300glory for a chest

Assuming the pattern holds.
Rare requires 4 ascension so 91 troops. Cost per chest = 200glory
common 5 ascension 191 troops needed. cost per chest = 100glory

All you could do was to ask a simple question in the board, instead you are going bananas with your math. :slight_smile:


Step 3 plugging in the numbers.
Legendary costs 3000 glory to mythic
Epic costs 6400 glory to mythic
Ultra rare costs 12300 glory to mythic
assuming pattern holds for following rarities.
Rare costs 18200 glory to mythic
common costs 19100 glory to mythic.

The more you know. Also this saves me on searching/ making multiple threads about the same question. also this is my method of memorization.

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Before you walk all the way to the moon, cards can come from several sources, not only from event chests. Esp. the commons and rares from gold keys – that just drop in big quantities form play. it’s fishy idea to count them in glory terms.

Glory keys that you get from guild is similarly good source. If you just play for long time ascension is only problem for epics and legends, the rest is sitting around in excessive amount.

This was only counting glory for event chests not glory chests. This was to help those and myself to see how many event chest were needed. Our current event chest is sac preist and i can see the confusion. By event chest i am talking about the reward event chest. Confusing i know.

For that matter, there’s never been commons or rares available from glory packs, so the numbers on those are pure speculation. I suspect that if commons or rares are ever available for glory, it’ll be more like “300 glory for 5” or something like that.

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I doubt anyone buys sub-epic glory packs for the card, they completely suck. Especially for a dupe to ascend. Maybe for the arcane if really after the type.

I would thin no one would buy a rare or common for glory in the first place unless the pack was worth that of at least an ultra rare.