Matchmaking leaves a lot to be desired!

There has to be a better method for matchmaking!

Why is someone in the low 300s, being matched against opponents that are nearly level 900 (868 the most recent) loaded with mythics? Most matches I am getting even the one trophy opponents are stronger than my team.

Just the level difference alone means they have many hero weapons available to them, not to mention the numerous troops, traits, etc. they have had the opportunity to acquire in those nearly 600 additional levels that are unavailable to my team!

Please fix this poor matchmaking system!

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You should be happy you getting 70+ points and i am getting 45 points for same opponent :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would I be happy when I have no chance of beating these opponents? The only thing I and many players I have spoken to are getting is frustrated.

Not a very smart way to design a game, imo.


The obtuse and opaque system means that you are only “safe” from these high-level opponents up till level 200, afaik. After that, to the system, it’s all the same shit. 300? 900? 1200? Nah these are totally the same numbers bro!

Not sure how this is a productive or intelligent response that helps OP in any way, nothing you said was of help to them at all.


If you have been leveling up your masteries evenly, by 300 you’ve collected all the weapons that are mastery-based. So you have a full array of weapons available to you.

As for how to defeat teams that are much stronger than you, try using looping teams or Goblin teams so that the opponent never gets to take a turn. Hard for them to cast spells or match skulls if it stays your turn all the time!

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@Fuligin funny im not sure what you said helped him also but ty for your advice

@Zerbious sorry it was sarcastic unfortunately nothing we can do. We asked several time to change it but never got a clear answer


“You should be happy that the thing you are complaining about has an upside you are literally incapable of enjoying right now.”


“This is a direct answer to your question about why a low 300s player is being matched with level 900s.”

I don’t know, you tell me the difference.


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Omg just relax and read post above

So that’s how you do that on Discourse. I’ve been trying and failing for years now.

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I get the sarcasm, but unfortunately this match was only 2 trophies, not 3, making it even more frustrating. Even if I am able to pull off the win, its 32 points. =/

Honestly, I’ve never seen the power level of my team meaning all that much. I actually wish my team was the same power level it used to be (around 6500 power), instead of the 9200 - 9500 power it is now because I got WAAAAAAAY more gold back then using that team, due to the “supposed” power difference in my team and the opponents’. My team has had pretty much the same success rate in winning since around 6500 power, give or take about a 5-10% increase in win ratio, but I get substantially less gold for a team my weaker (older) team could have beat.

For clearance, it’s the same team, but now I have weekly guild bonuses and kingdom bonuses, with higher rarity and level troops on the team. Sadly, the only thing I can suggest is finding a really decent team, and completely ignore the power level. Only time I consider power level is in GW, and even then it doesn’t deter me too much.

When i was low level and didnt have the essential mythics (i only had 1 mythic at level 1000) i ran loop teams such as hellcat/alchemist/2x goblin rockets or green seer/giant spider/2x kraken. Board control teams are slow but you can have win rate close to 100% if you play carefully


Loop teams don’t have to be slow:


I kept Kraken in the top slot to deal with Barriers, but it may finally be time to let go of that holdover (and rename the team from “Krakens” to something else).

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Better check again. I have one account that’s below level 75 that’s been routinely matched against players several hundred levels above for the 3 trophy battle. The 1 trophy battle is often as strong as the line-up. Based on what I’ve seen there’s no way for a low-level player to win a 3 trophy battle unless the offering is abnormally weak or they’re extraordinarily lucky with the gems. Many 2 trophy offerings are winnable if I’m lucky with the gems though I’ve defeated several others.

Also doomskull teams can punch above their weightclass if you don’t mind the losses when it backfires.

This is becoming ridiculous beyond belief! This was this mornings match up - a level 1061 vs me in the 300s now, as just my 2 trophy opponent the 3 trophy was beyond attempting… heck even the 1 trophy option was above better than my team.

All their troops fully traited mythic and legend, yet still only 1k above my 6k team of untraited legends.

There is no reason i should be getting matchups like this, it’s stupid… unless as a game maker you’re trying to find ways to frustrate your player base into not playing the different game modes!