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Match Making is messed up

I think the new update screwed with match making. Since the update I’ve been noticing a sharp increase in the frequency of, and intensity of out-of-depth pvp matches. Not just to the tune of a 20-30% advantage; but like, going in with my team having HP values sitting directly in the mid 50 point range, and facing an opponent with starting HP ranging in the upper 90s and low 100s. Literally DOUBLE my skill points. I don’t even face PVP opponents with stats that inflated during guild wars where opponents get actual stat bonuses on top of their kingdom bonuses.

Whatever change was made to cause match-ups that are this insanely out of depth needs to be reversed. It is absolutely not fair to expect anyone to face a meta PVP team that ALSO has double your skill points.

Sure you’re not in casual PvP with the difficulty turned up?


That would certainly explain it, but I just double checked and no, I am still on the ranked tab.

Did you perhaps recently pass level 200?

No, I’ve been over 1,000 for over a month.

Can you post a screenshot of this? That sounds bananas.

I will take a screenshot the next time it happens.