Matching Arcane Traitstone from 60 defends

The 100 souls for filling the 60 defends for your home city has always felt like a bit of a letdown to me.

I’d like you to consider making the reward for 60 defends to be a matching Arcane Traitstone for the city.

I think this would add another reason and some extra flavor to want to defend a specific city.


Does that bar of 60 wins only fill up from Revenge battles? (I.e. Where you’ve lost to an invader and won the rematch)

I think so but can’t remember…

Would it be better if it also filled up with Defence wins (or does it already)?

Yes, it’s successful revenges only.

Firstly, I like the idea suggested.
Secondly, I might be biased towards whatever gets me a targeted arcane stone faster.

I like this idea too! Have the Arcane stone tied into whatever is your home kingdom at the moment.

I also think that the Revenge progress bar should also take into account defense victories too…each victory should give +1 to the progression, same as a revenge victory. It would give one more little reason to put together a decent defense team.

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