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Marilith Team Ideas

So, I’m super excited about Marilith, especially since the bat keeps eluding me. :stuck_out_tongue:

What teams are you guys trying out with Marilith? I’m going to try out Infernal King, Marilith, Naga Queen and Alchemist. This gives Lord of Scales +2 life bonus. Although, it would be nice to squeeze in another daemon for that bonus.


Malrith ***
Moloch ***
Naga Queen **
Prismatic Orb (Sorcerer, Daemon) ***
+2 red banner

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The team I’ve running at the moment

Scale Guard
Mist Stalker
Naga Queen

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I’d only recommend focusing on her if you’re relatively lower level. In which case the obvious combo in my view is Marilith + Goblin Shaman. You cover four colors with two troops and get a fantastic feeder for her in the process. For lower level players trying to get a strong but easy team together I’d say something like:

Goblin Shaman
Goblin Rocket

Goblin Rocket helps feed some, and the Fire Link means the Red matches go further even though you’re mostly focused on Greens via the Shaman. You’ve also got 5/6 colors covered at that point, and nothing higher than an Ultra-Rare. Goblin Rocket could be switched out for a lot of other things and you’d still have a pretty strong team since it’s really all about the Marilith + Shaman combo. Using Shaman to fill both the Mariliths would mean you could beat a lot of teams in 2 fires.


Along these same lines, another team I’d suggest:

Knight Coronet
Goblin Shaman

Knight Coronet is Blue/Yellow, so he doesn’t use of your colors for the Marilith + Goblin Shaman combo. He does steal Purples with his spell, but that’s fine b/c he’s really there to be tanky via his Stoneskin and otherwise not get in the way of your priority matches. Basically you fill him when you can’t fill Marilith or Shaman, but don’t use his spell unless you have to. Then you just focus on filling Marilith & Shaman at your leisure. Worst case scenario is that Knight Coronet gets dropped, ,in which case your first Marilith comes out swinging having been Attack-boosted via her spell. Probably a little safer than the other team, but also slower, and probably not necessary at lower levels. Once you get to the point that you have to worry about Marilith getting dropped fast in the first position you probably don’t want her any more.

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Thanks to you all for your suggestions. :smile_cat:

Tacet: I’m glad that you reminded me that you can be Daemon with the Sorcerer class! That gives me some more options for Marilith.

Nimhain: That’s another combination that I also want to try. Although, I’ll have to put in some work leveling Scale Guard and Mist Stalker since I’ve basically ignored them.

Studs: I’m a low level, so that’s exactly why I’m excited about this card. Plus, I have a soft spot in my heart for AOE true damage. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your suggestions, I have all those troops, so I can try it out.

I kind of want to go Brian the Lucky + Marilith until she has 64+ magic to destroy the whole board. That wasn’t viable with Thrall or Ghoul, but it could be useful on Marilith.

Pity she doesn’t scale with magic, or I’d be all over that!

She scales with magic. Her destroy gem scales.

Oh, yeah, I meant the true damage. The idea of clearing the whole board while also one-shotting everyone sounds like fun, especially b/c of how unnecessary it is. :slight_smile:

Now, that sounds pretty interesting since she has a big attack at high levels.

I am always puzzled when they make a spells damage not scale with magic.
The whole idea of the troop scaling with kingdom bonuses is for a troop to retain its relative strength through all levels of the game. Always seems like a waste when a troop that is otherwise interesting(and pretty cool in this particular case) but is doomed from the start to not be viable in higher levels of play…


This is just a guess, but I assume her AOE doesn’t scale with magic because she’d actually do what bat does plus gain mana for the team.

Here is my idea:

Crimson bat

With all the explosions and gem destroying, mana should be no problem, and all true damage with mana drain, covering all colors!


Brian the Lucky
Green Seer

Blue/Purple Banner


Show off. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does that actually potentially destroy multiple screens? Since there’s only 64 gems to a field, do they carry over to the next gems that drop down?

It stops at 1 screen. It is basically what Abhorath does, except this destroys instead of removes.

im running
scale guard ***
poison master ***
hero with ddragonator 8000 perk set on 8 armor. (im a knight - forgot blue worked better so might change the weapon to bear totem)

Dragonator 8000 is another good option that I didn’t think of if you want to take advantage of the MoS rework. Thanks :smile_cat: