Tasty Rakshanin teams



4 x Rakshanin

Double purple banner or Double blue banner.

Time to go to bed here, its late…

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I will try putting him with a troop(s) that destroys enemy armour, in that way rakshanin can one shot troops.

Here’s something I came up with on the spot. (No testing done yet, obviously.)

Rakshanin* (Yellow/Brown)
Alchemist** (Red/Brown)
Giant Spider* (Green/Blue)
Grave Knight (Purple/Brown)
+1 Red/+1 Brown Banner

Rakshanin with Fast will power up a single Mana Surge from either color.
Alchemist with Fire Link will only require to red matches to guarantee full power.
Giant Spider will power Grave Knight and has no mana blockage. (Magic Link = Nice.)
Grave Knight will destroy Armor without doing too much damage. (Given you haven’t traited him twice.)

bladedancer, plus hes wildfolk

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Banner: double green for safety and mana generation or double brown for speed, your choice.

Bone dragon
Giant spider
Spring imp

Bone destroys armor and makes skulls, Rakshanin (hopefully) oneshots units, Giant spider gives purple to dragon, Spring Imp mass entangles in case Bone dragon creates free matches for the enemy.
This is the best I can think of for now. NOT tested, so take care. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using this team - not the fastest, but fun, and is quite punchy because of the Pridelands bonus:

  • Behemoth
  • Salamander (Swapped out for Order & Chaos vs. Dragon teams)
  • Rakshanin
  • Shadow-Hunter

Banner: Tried x2Brown, x2Blue and Blue/Purple (to try and help an early shadow-hunter proc)


Ok i for one think that is not fair sirrian. You have the glory of making this game (with help from friend/coworks) you do not need any more glory.

Edit: my team is goblin***, thundercat, goblin shaman, hobgoblin. Goblin banner. Note, goblin is level 18 and everything else is level 5. Don’t judge i just was not ready cause i don’t use goblins. Only goblin has traits not that i wanted to trait the others or anything.

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Raks Friends:

Shadow Hunter***

Banner: Desert Banner - Brown/Yellow
Lord of Cats: 2 pridelands cats - +1 attack
Wildfolk captain: 3 wildfolks - +1 attack,armor and health.

All mana colors covered. :slight_smile:


Well I created a new slot called Weekly Team, hope I get good use out of it!

I think I’ll try a Fast-based team and see how it works out:

Blade Dancer***
Archer*** with Crescendo

Not sure about Hydra, I mainly have him there to fill red/blue and to finish off weaker troops. I think Dancer, Cat, and Crescendo will have good synergy. Dancer will strip armor, Rak will hopefully one-shot a troop, if not a follow-up Crescendo will do the job plus extra turn.


Maybe switch Shadow and Rak? SH does have the Agile trait and her spell gets progressively weak over the course of the battle. As long as she gets one (or two) spells off she did her job :wink:

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yeah, might do that too, but also Rak has stealth so it makes him good in the first spot, I think.

Tested it now, its a good suggestion from you, it works very well that way also! Mother of god, think I maybe found one of my favourite troops in Rakshanin, he is an extremely good rare!!

Also if you have Ragnarod and ure not after souls, especially his 2nd trait he is great to use, you could take him in this team instead of Valkyrie, a little slower, but a better bonus, since its 4 wildfolk in it.

Take away “a little slower”, after testing it with Ragnagord. Its about the same speed as with Valkyrie, or faster. Looking forward to see other builds around Rak as well. :slight_smile:

This troop has low synergy with other troops. It basically is a targeted damage dealer, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s a fine troop for lower level players since it does most of its damage independent of your bonuses or the troop’s level and scales to the adversary’s life. Other than that it’s kind of a pain to use just for 3 more glory per match if you already got effective lineups that have high synergy and adding a troop like Rakhs would just diminish their speed of victory.

But if this is the best way you got to grind for glory… wow, what a pain.

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Fully dissagree with you and I am not a lower level player. :slight_smile:

Devs are not going to give ten more glory or 1 VIP key when we invade with the weekly troop.
So yes, it will always be a little bonus but it’s better than nothing ;-).
And, it gives you some motivation to try deeply the new troop, that’s all.

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I’m kind of half-expecting someone to jump in and prove that their usual team (no Rak) will generate glory faster than actually using him (over some time).

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Full goblin team vs goblin team with one raksha. Raksha team makes more glory than the full goblin team that has to fight two fights. Though this is an assertion i believe it to be correct.
goblin***, thundercat, goblin shaman, hobgoblin. faster than the regular goblin team.

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Blade Dancer
Shadow Hunter
Rex Warrior

Blade Dancer starts with 27 attack and Shadow Hunter with 30. It is good for taking out beefy teams due to how many scaling abilities it has. 2 Blade Dancer casts, then the rest do cleanup on HP scale. The first two may die fast from being offensive troops, but Rex Warrior would easily one shot the rest with all the traits triggering.