Mana Skips a Troop! (Critical Miss Bug Variation)

Platform, device version and operating system:
iOS 13.3

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I matched purple, and the mana went to Leprechaun in 4th position rather than Zuul’Goth in 3rd! I’m certain of this because Leprechaun filled up but Zuul remained unfilled. And I’m quite certain there was no green matched (I think it was a single match with no cascade, IIRC).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time I’ve managed to spot this (it’s tricky at 4x), but it definitely happened. I strongly suspect this may be related to what I call the Critical Miss Bug, where a matched colour seems to give no mana at all to any troop.

While this is a pure guess, I’m wondering if there is an element of the game system that sometimes “forgets” that a troop exists, or perhaps its position in the team. This could explain both the Critical Miss bug AND the enemy troop not dying bug. Maybe. Maybe also the Doomskull overflow bug? In any case, I reckon it’s something to think about.

Steps to make it happen again
I was doing Explore D12, not sure where, with the team Gorgotha, Jar of Eyes/Slayer, Zuul’Goth, Leprechaun, RBn banner.

Just because we can’t easily replicate it doesn’t mean it can’t be investigated in the code! Sorry if that sounds snarky. In my experience, finding bugs is often like solving a mystery by examining the code that is closest to the seemingly-affected systems. However, I’m not certain how feasible that is on projects larger than “medium-scale.”

Was Gorgotha already defeated and a Troop summoned by Jar of Eyes in his place before this happened? (I’m stretching here looking at a possible summoning issue)

Were there any status effects on Zuul’Goth?

We have been looking in the code for this missing Mana bug and haven’t been able to find anything, that’s why we keep asking for repro steps and videos to help us pinpoint the issue.

I’m afraid my whole team was in place, and I don’t think Zuul’Goth had any status effects (Silence would probably be the only one relevant, anyway).

I kind of think of this bug report like this:

  1. Without video evidence, no matter how sure I was of what happened, I may be wrong, or may have misinterpreted what happened.

  2. If someone is poring over the code to identify the problem, there’s a chance this bug report may point them in a fruitful direction.

  3. In isolation, though, this bug report would not have any value.

I’m hoping for 2! Good luck.