Mana mastery bonus


im referring to the bonus you get for when you have multiple troops of the same mana using colour. I think it would be better if the mastery bonus was dependent on player level not just +25 or whatever it was.


Are you saying it should be higher for higher levels or lower? And why do you think so?

I think it’s works well that players with lower masteries get a much better benefit from this than players with high chance of Mana Surge already (via levels or guild).


I think higher level players wont consider it in team building unless it scales with level.


I agree that higher level players won’t consider it, and that’s fine. Mana Surge chance is intended to flatten out so extra masteries don’t make much difference to higher level players (wherever the mastery bonus comes from).

With more use of the Jinx trait, we might see mastery bonuses become more valuable though.


I’m down to around 50% at level 400ish.

Also filtering troops by their type would be useful :slight_smile: