Do any of the high level players actually have unbalanced mana masteries?


Just curious if anybody took a chance?


Depends on what you find ‘unbalanced’. My masteries are 99, 99, 100, 100, 100, 99 for blue, green, red, yellow, purple and brown respectively…


@MarvelKit Baka? Haha. I think he means having way more on one than the others. For example 66/103/65/63/66. I think this can´t be done. After a certain quantity of points, the system doesn’t let you choose the mastery to give it more until you have the others mastery closer. Well, I think that’s how it is.


it’s impossible as you say, @Serale. When you choose yourself, you always get the two colors that have the least mastery. Not sure how that works with guild bonuses, though.


Well my purple was about 40 when the others were only 10, it worked well when I was a noob due to getting carnax very early. Im about 100 even too now.


Oh I see. Well, nice to know that, I had no idea to be honest, I never tried since the masteries have their cap, meaning the more you have the less worth each point. Instead of giving you 1% chance it decrease to 0.1% for example. (I dont know the real math but am pretty sure that’s how it works.)


For any math-heads out there, we use a pretty common diminishing returns formula for Masteries & Mana Surge



  • Mastery 0 = 0% chance
  • Mastery 20 = 17% chance
  • Mastery 50 = 33% chance
  • Mastery 100 = 50% chance
  • Mastery 200 = 67% chance

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So it goes from 1 all the way down to 0.3? (The extra chance you get from each point)
To be honest I’ve never been good doing math. XD


My masteries are all within 1 point of each other… I change my team too often to risk having them unbalanced…