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Mastery Cap Increase

Hello adventurers, as some of you have noticed, your masteries have increased!

This is intentional, as our new mastery cap is 3001. If you surpassed our previous mastery cap, your masteries will have filled evenly up to the level you are currently.

You will also get a mail letting you know if your masteries have changed.

Match on! :heart: :coffee:


My masteries haven’t been adjusted yet after leveling up a few days ago. Will the mail/adjustment show up later?

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No change for me either. Console probably got overlooked again…

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The changes are going out now and should be out after an hour


So much better than a Soon TM, thank you.

Edit: Just got the Mastery mail. Awesome!

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It can take some time for changes to propagate across our servers. Please be patient and you will see them soon. :slight_smile:

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So at level 1500 I had all masteries at 65%. Now 33,000,000+ XP later (approx 200,000 matches) at level 1960 I’m at 66%. Yay?? Why bother for 1% devs?



How about when you’re jinxed?

By the way, does double jinx work? If there’s two troops with jinx trait, does the other team lose 75% of mastery?

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I’m not sure what you mean by first question. Second question, no jinx doesn’t stack iirc.

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Unless it was changed it should work that way, Famine lost the Jinx trait quite a while ago because it was exceedingly painful to fight against multiple copies. Please note that the reduction is to the absolute mastery value, not the mastery percentage, so you only really notice a difference when it drops low enough.

I was really looking forward to reaching a level where I finally didn’t have to deal with this screen. FWIW I don’t think the extra 0.0005% chance of mana surge is worth 2,000 more screens where I have to spend 5-10 seconds trying to decide which mastery to use and tap 7 or 8 times to get there. That’s 2.7 hours of my life you just took away, and I’m not even playing a game during them.

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You said that the extra mastery only increased your chance of a mana surge from 65% to 66%.

But if jinxed, such as by Zuul, the difference should be larger.


  1. What was the old cap vs new?
  2. How is the Surge percent calculated?
  3. What will be the new max Surge %?
  1. Old cap 1501

3. Depends on how you up your mastery. I think its in the 67-69% range


I gained 1% with the change to all 66%. I won’t get all to 67% until level 2550 or something. So that’s the max but nobody will get there for years. Pointless change Imo they need to let people get 1% per 100 levels after 1500.

You get 69% at 1070 mastery. It is possible to get there by focusing on only 1 color, tho not many people bother doing that
Tacet is at level 1354 and his purple mastery is 653 (and ~460 for the rest). Once he gets close to level 3000 he will probably be one of the very few people with 69% surge of one color, but it will take a while