Mastery Bonus Question

I am probably missing something painfully obvious, but I noticed that my mana surge masteries are low for blue and brown.

I have all kingdoms at level 10. I keep all of my hero masteries as even as possible–they are all around +57. My guild masteries are even as well–all around +40.

What am I missing… other than a cup of coffee … yes, need coffee…

There are 20 kingdoms. 4 each for purple, yellow, green, red and 2 each for blue and brown. That’s it. They are uneven because there simply aren’t as many blue or brown kingdoms.

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Ah ha !! I knew it !!

No, no … I actually didn’t. Thank you for clearing that up.

Side note: did the masteries reduce in 1.0.8? I think I was up to about 67% before the patch. No worries about that, I am just curious.

Yup, they made an adjustment to the scale to flatten it a bit.

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Thank you, Rasper.

Max power in your kingdoms also doubles the bonus. That increases the gap between blue+brown and the rest.

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