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Mana masteries and leveling - is there a chart? because I'm not gettting

Real dumb question? I stop getting mana mastery choices on leveling now but I am only at 59-67 each of the colors for my level.

Is this normal to stop – I’ve seen others at 100 and so for masteries

My Level is 1060 I noticed I stopped getting them about maybe 10-20 or so levels back.

I think you would have stopped getting them exactly 59 levels back. On PC/Mobile, mana masteries stop increasing at level 1000. On console, they forgot to cap them when this increased the level cap to 10,000 and rather than roll people back, decided to put a cap in at level 1500.

If you want the history, you can check out this thread: Mana masteries after level 1000

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Since all platforms are now on unity - we should be then at 1500.


I don’t disagree, but this might be the one permanent difference between platforms. At this point, they’d need to either roll back all console players or do some kind of catch-up for PC/Mobile players over level 1000. The longer they wait, the worse it gets (in terms of number of affected players) and it hasn’t been a significant issue up to now. I don’t think anything will be changing.

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There is supposedly no difference now between platforms. Other than maybe linking

It shouldn’t matter much really. By level 1000, the diminishing returns formula for surges means that extra mastery points don’t really give you much.

Also as the pc/mobile servers and console servers are completely disconnected/ unrelated, it’s not like you’re being disadvantaged competitively…

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I just hope by 1500 (I’m on console) that I can get all masteries to 65%. Currently I have 1 on 65% and all the rest on 64%. It will kill me if I can’t get them all to 65. OCD.