Why oh why is the level cap not divisible by 6?

As part of reaching Level 1000, can you please set all our Masteries to 167?


You can exceed 1000 these days and still gain masteries as well.

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I’m 1004 and have not been offered new Masteries.


I’m guessing you’re pc/mobile. It’s like that on console.

Because we live in a base 10 world?

In another 100 levels you won’t even care what your mastery levels are. You’ll take you event key and be happy. :slight_smile:


Says you. I live in a base 0x10 world.


Fortunately I’m fluent in hexadecimal =)

Just to confirm that PC/Mobile players don’t get extra mastery… and it’s not a bug ;-).

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Surely you mean “either capped at 165 or increased to 170”, right? ;p

Though honestly they could just let them keep increasing and I don’t believe it would matter much; as I recall, the surge chance is sharply asymptotic.

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It is. They let console go to 1500 and it won’t have much effect on surge chances, but I was surprised that they didn’t roll this out on Unity. So far, it looks like the one thing that might be a permanent difference.

I’m not sure if anyone has confirmed whether we still have the same formula or not. I know it was different at one point…

i vote for 167 all, or 170 all !

i do like all my event keys and 100s of glory but looking at my masteries levels still hurt

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What about the people that may not level evenly? What if they don’t want all of them at 167.

(I’m not one of them, just looking out for the one or two people that may do that)

how about a paid (50gems?) chance to re-arrange mana masteries?

but still ,first allow them to cap at number divisable by 6 please


Love that idea!! I’d even pay 100!

Can I re-arrange to anything I want? 1000 into Yellow on yellow days? I wonder what that would actually max out at for mana surge chance.

I think if you always picked the same color, you could get a max of 333. Each color is offered 5 times over a 15 pair rotation.

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guess restricted to once a week? and cumulative increase in cost ?


It has a huge effect on Jinx.

I’ll never be happy that my Masteries are asymmetrical. :worried: