Make the Story Campaign dialogue visible at all times for a selected Kingdom

  • Based on Q/A responses on the Twitch stream, and the decision that there may be no plans to replay all 34 Campaign missions again whenever we want to, I am requesting that there is only a dialogue option available for each stage, but without the fights or battle screens.

  • The only thing that should change after finishing each part of the Story Campaign, should be the music.

Story Campaign and the whole dialogue, should be separated or progressed in stages, just like when you’re playing for the first time.

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got a timestamp?i saw stream didnt see them mention quests at all

It’s pretty self-evident. No Campaigns means no quests. It’s pretty much a sailed question.
However, the Campaign Lore - Dialogue should still be accessible, don’t you think so?

Everything you want is right there.

I, personally, don’t see a need for the feature to be in-game.


This is none of my business since I personally never read like 2 sentences of quest stories, but If I wanted to, I would probably just make a new alt account and play them again.

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I was already aware of this, but I still think that such a feature should be included in the game.

Same goes for all the soundtracks in the game, but maybe you would either need to buy a DLC to unlock it or something.

Another option could be to put quest dialogues in some kind of “Hero’s Journal”, which should be a somewhat familiar concept from other games.

I can kind of understand wanting it in-game, tbh – after the Sunken Fleet quests, I kind of wanted to go back to Bright Forest and Sin of Maraj to help piece things together and make sense of it.

Having to exit the game (or tab out) is less immersive :man_shrugging:.


Regarding the soundtrack, here’s Salty’s reply from about a year ago

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This makes no sense at all. Zero.

** This is a quote from an old-ish thread **

Fun times whilst trawling the forums :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

@en9nhcet Just checked – 58:59

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