Gems of War 4.3.5 - The Replay option for all the Campaigns - When?

I know that this has been suggested several times already, in the Suggestion section, to introduce the option to replay the already completed Campaign missions for the Kingdoms, all 34 of them. We did get an official reply, but no specific or exact ETA on when it will be implemented, but it was mentioned it’s planned to be released soon. Also, one of the reasons or issues was that they would have to re-evaluate how they would redistribute the loot drops rewards for already finished campaigns.

If it would be up to me, I would just give gold, souls, and gold keys that you get from the matches, nothing else, there could be an option that you would get another Epic rarity card at the end of the specific campaign, so that would be at least a good reason to complete certain Campaigns several times in a row.

Since this is not a suggestion, are you close to getting to that solution, and if so, when, @Kafka?

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Is the point of this just to be able to ascend the epic cards to mythic level more quickly?

Both. To relive the Campaign and to get more Epic cards quickly. That would help the new players.