Make all souls eligible for Shrine of Treachery

Here you can clearly see that eligible souls are not being included to fill the shrine of treachery. If how and where you earn gold does’nt matter for the shrine of cunning, then the souls you earn, for whatever reason, should count towards the shrine of treachery.
Not to mention that only making 9 or 10 souls eligible will result in close to 800 battles to fill the shrine. That’s way too much of a grind for a side feature.


Tbh unless to wanna spend $10 for 8K bonus souls and 2 Major Orbs of Chaos, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you want a team that’ll get you souls quickly and efficiently, I’d recommend Phylactery, Lep and 2 Sacrificial Priests. When you finally get Pharos-Ra, I’d replace 1 of the 2 priests with him.

The shrine are borderline scam anyway… :man_shrugging:t2:


Paying real money for something random. A form of gambling, in my opinion. Is that legal everywhere?


Fixed again.


The irony :rofl:

I didn’t want to be that harsh. :sweat_smile:

You get something for it, and if you expect the worst (some gold/souls plus two major green) but get something better…

It’s definitely not worth the money, and a trap for new players who don’t know better. So in that regard, yeah… Scam.

I mean, the whole thing is covered in scams. Look at this damn thing.

That’s Australian Dollars FWIW. I’d say this tracks to maybe a 5, 10 at the very very greediest. If I was starting out and didn’t have all of this (which I do). But even after the first week or so, this would have helped not at all.

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Noob(y) traps

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I think this is the important point, really – an inconsistency that essentially makes one of them bugged.

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