SHUT UP, you *stupid*, useless Shrines!

We have been incredibly patient with this nonsense, but enough is enough!

Why was this not fixed in 6.1.5?!


Shrines should be removed imho

$10 for an orb that can drop most likely a growth orb is useless.

Was another attempt to monetize from new players that don’t know what they’re getting. Nobody after a certain level would buy these. Or maybe they have money to waste haha


The Shrines can stay, but their cards must be moved.

In writing this explanation, I feel like I’m talking to a 5 year old. Surely, any adult should find this bleedingly obvious.


The Gold Shrine alone was annoying, but not immensely so. Why? First, because adding a single card to the end of the rewards kept at least one World Event reward on-screen. Second, because it didn’t take long to fill the Gold Shrine in normal play, and then it would politely shutthehellup.

However, the Souls Shrine is a completely different matter. First, adding two cards to the end of the rewards list shifts all World Event rewards off-screen whenever you find a Valraven. This is ridiculous. It makes the Victory screen pretty much pointless. Second, it takes forever to fill the Souls Shrine, so you never really get a reprieve from this ludicrous design.

Seriously, we’ve been patient with this nonsense for far too long. Please fix it in the NEXT PATCH.

If you wait any longer, that’s solid proof of total contempt for your players. You know the ones: the ones who pay your wages?


Good idea. And, as a compromise, I wouldn’t mind if they showed a card at the end of the rewards list only when the shrine becomes full.


I am sorry to see that you are upset now. It happens to me too. I got confused at first, but realized you weren’t able to grind last vault weekend. Hence, you see these Shrines! :cold_face:

I was only able to do one GaP. But I’ve actually been meaning to create this post since the week before Tower of Doom. It just affects every single event. Sigh.

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The amount of souls needed to fill the shrine is the ridiculous part here.
I’m getting 10 souls per battle (with vip, armor, guild and pet bonus), that would be a total of 800 battles to fill if I don’t farm souls.
Imagine a new player who’s not earning 2.5x the amount? The card would stay visible for 2000 battles!

But another few problems with this shrine:
*Souls from gnomes don’t count
*Souls from delves don’t count
*Souls from AB tasks don’t count


I’d like the Shrine notifications to be silenced, permanently.