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[x] Gold to Shrine of [Guardian]

You probably get this a lot, a lot of people dislike the new Shrines. I haven’t bought one. And the one I have is still the Shrine of Cunning. I get that it’s necessary to monetize parts of the game to make money, but this particular way hasn’t gone down well. My problem isn’t the existence of Shrines, it’s not even the exclamation point on the overworld menu. I’d appreciate it, though, if it weren’t included EVERY SINGLE TIME I win a battle and get rewards. It disappears once the shrine is full, yes, but in 48 hours from then, I start seeing it again until I fill the shrine. It’s annoying since it’s not a reward I intend to use. At the very least you could consolidate it into the card showing the amount(s) of gold earned. What’s stopping you from doing that? This is a nuisance and it slows down collecting rewards, and even if I skip the animation, I still have to scroll further left to see everything I earned.

I’m only requesting a simple quality-of-life change. Either remove the “Gold to Shrine” card from the rewards list or consolidate it into the regular card showing the amount of gold earned from the battle. This is something I can bet a lot of people would agree with if they have no intent to buy shrines.

Thank you for taking the time to read this (if you even did).


They won’t remove the Gold to Shrine card from every battle (it reminds you Shrines exist and nets them cash from said Shrines), but I’d certainly love it if they did. It’s so annoying.


Let’s not be too hasty to accuse the devs and publishers of being so greedy. They do put out a lot of unnecessary microtransactions that are rarely purchased. They may not know how these will be received. If they knew they’d be received poorly, that would harm their business more than help it so they wouldn’t do it. They must not have known. Besides, even if they’re as cash-bent as you seem to believe, the exclamation point is still a nagging feature, as is the button it appears on. They won’t get rid of the button if they want people to buy Shrines, and it’s questionable if they’ll remove the exclamation point, but seeing as they do “flash offers” every so often that you can easily ignore, even though I’ve bought some in the past, they might put it there instead. I’d appreciate that as long as they don’t keep putting the card in battles. Keep in mind, the devs do respond to feedback and they implement solutions to that feedback sometimes. They won’t go above their publishers, especially now that they’re official employees, but they’re willing to improve the game within their limits.

I hope this gives you a new light on how the developers operate. If there’s any greed here, it’s the fault of 505 and not the devs.

I’ve been around here for a few years, I’m aware of how things work. I’m not opposed to suggestions, just don’t get your hopes up, especially when you’re talking about removing something intended to generate income for them.

I don’t expect a response from devs on this post, and certainly not implementation, but fingers crossed. I’m all for the suggestion!

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Again, if you’re directing “removing something intended to generate income for them” at the devs, you’re wrong. The publishers have ultimate control. Yes, the devs need money, and they probably get quite a bit of profit as well, but the publisher, 505, is what decides the business strategy. The devs may or may not be involved in deciding it, but they don’t have ultimate control. They won’t add or remove something to or from the game if 505 has a strict position on it.

They’re risking their jobs enough when they create troops and weapons in the game. If those troops and weapons give too much advantage to the players, 505 profits less, and so do the devs. 505 is probably the reason Epic Tasks were introduced. As the devs stated, in the patch notes, gold was becoming more abundant as a resource in the game, and Legendary Tasks were paying too much reward to be able to unlock them without putting enough gold in, so something was needed to balance that out.

Believe it or not, Newton’s Third Law (for every action there’s an equal but opposite reaction) doesn’t just apply to physics. So if something is reducing the publishers’ profit, they need to put in a way to counter that by either adding a new feature or adding an obstacle to the game feature reducing their profit. Unfortunately for the devs, the only way for 505 to accomplish the counter they want is to tell the devs to implement it, which is why the devs get so much hate they don’t deserve, because whether or not they’re able to implement something is up to their bosses. Try thinking sometime, it’ll help you out in real life too!

I’m not talking about who gets the money. I’m saying the Gold to Shrine card feature was implemented to generate revenue, similarly to the exclamation point on Shrines (and of course Shrines themselves). The track record here is that things which generate revenue are prioritized over QoL, especially recently.

There’s no need for derogatory blows here; I would love to see your idea implemented, as the Gold to Shrine card is a nuisance for me and many others, too. I just don’t have much hope of it being implemented due to the track record here. I’m not trying to say anything against the devs or get into an argument about devs’ vs. publishers’ wishes.

I’d love for the developers to prove me wrong on this one. I’m just not getting my hopes up.

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You said those first nine words after you also said:

So you’re not saying against the devs that they prioritize revenue over quality of life?

Yes - I’m not trying to bash anyone. Simply stating my opinion on recent updates. Check the patch notes and/or ask the community if they agree with the statement. Here on the forum, that’s the general consensus.

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Fair enough, but don’t accuse the devs of “prioritizing” improperly.

I’m entitled to my opinion, as you are yours. These forums are for feedback, and I don’t harass or hate-talk the devs. I’m allowed to disagree with them.

TLDR; I’d love to see this implemented, but my hopes aren’t high :grimacing:


I have to say, I actually like having that there. Gold earned is one of the things that varies from battle to battle, I like seeing how much gold the battle got me. Normally, I don’t see it because I don’t bother scrolling back.

Still, I have no objections to removing it :slightly_smiling_face:

I can agree I’d like to be able to see the more relevant rewards without having to scroll, and would be okay with a small revamp or re-implementation of this!

Perhaps in the same vein as the impetus for the daily login reward screen consolidation.

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No accusation needed here at all … but only because we already know that’s 15000% true for the publishers, or whatever oversized number you’d prefer. Jury’s out on the devs but we know the publishers’ M.O.