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New Shrines

So they are making us grind so that we can spend money.

That’s is. This is exactly what this game was missing.


A game reward should never be to spend money.

Here is how shrines should work in my opinion:

  • When a shrine is half full, let the player pay real $$ for it
  • When a shrine is completely full, give it to the player for free

This allows people to pay to speed up how fast they get resources. This also gives goodies to free players. Everyone wins.

Since there’s a free option in my design of it, the rewards should be decreased. Have it give only 50,000 gold and no orbs. Or, if the reward is to stay at 100,000 gold and 2 major orbs, then have it take a long time to fill up.


The sub menu to the left is killing me as I just want it to fade away, all except from the Adventure Boards. That it got a few red “!” annoys me too…


The funny thing is I’m in the USA and when I turned my game on Luther popped up and said he was gonna teach me about shrines. I had no choice but to click continue and when I did that it said shrines were not available in my region (or country?). Of all the freaking places the USA said no to shrines! Whuuuuuuuuut?!?!?! Or maybe my PS4 is gimped.

I keep hearing about the tutorial but haven’t seen it yet. I’m on Android. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


And the exclamation point (!) on the Shrine symbol doesn’t go away after opening it up.

The whole concept is … revolutionary, it should be patented as pinnacle of surprise mechanics. To put it bluntly, the player can play to have a chance to spend some money to get something that gives some chance of getting something to have an opportunity of doing something, which the player probably does not need but might want. So, here is another chance. The whole absurdity of the idea is peculiar and amusing. I tried to explain it to two people who never played any computer game in their life and failed miserably both times. Apparently, I am confused, which is probably the case.


It’s identical to the piggy banks on the casino apps. At least the casino games don’t pretend to be anything other than money grubbing *****.

Cannot imagine how maddening if i bought this and got two green orbs. But I’m no longer spending money on gow, for exactly this reason.

I liked when the best offers were deathknight armor, which gave a unique item that specifically helped your character in measurable ways.

But all it will take is for those shrines to have book of deed offers and people will gobble them right up :face_vomiting:


Everything seems to have a purpose here. Now, I am not saying nobody will use the shrines. However, when some people who are actually tempted to sponsor the game, and mind you, there is nothing wrong with that provided that this sponsorship is a modest 10 dollar investment every 2-3-4-5-6 months, so , these people look at this shrine and at what the campaign pass offers, the things become crystal clear.

Would you spend 10 dollar for a chancy chance to get something that you might already have or don’t need/want? Or, you get something new, exclusive, shiny, and plus this and plus that, and you going to do it anyhow just because it gives you something to do, and the tedium is moderate and may be even considered entertaining at times?

I am not a big conspiracy theoretician, however, IMvHvHO, the main purpose of the shrines is actually to make the people see how good the campaign offer is, and no dicey randomy random there at that. So, while the shrines on their own might not be that profitable, their main function is to increase sales of reasonable stuff. And yes, I consider campaign offers reasonable after all, at least in its current format.


They never have room to add QOL features we ask for because of resolution. Yet when they want ads and this ridiculous bs called a shrine, they have all the room in the world.


Bear in mind we’ve only seen one shrine. They are probably starting with a poor deal to see how many buy it. If not many, they might offer better deals in future shrines. Right now, I won’t buy it, but it’s not hurting me (other than the annoying exclamation mark that I hope they remove) so not bothered


Only a matter of time till they start offering imperial deeds.

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My goodness just sell gold in shop and orbs too. Find the guy that fixed TOD last time and have him do what he did last time to fix the issue. This is an old problem that was fixed before so it should not take more than 30 minutes to fix as long as you didn’t fire him. Again my goodness.


Vote with your wallet people, if you don’t buy, they might (big might) take notice.


Shrines will be bought, the whaling corporation are the targets… more of a chance to spend to have a chance to get ahead…

I forgot if the patch notes mentioned if shrines are repeatable as the patch has already been forgotten…


The whole shrine addition is just offensive to me. I’m totally OK with the devs making money – I’ve spent quite a bit on the game – but the shrine is nothing but a cash grab. If it wasn’t so in-your-face I’d be less upset, but seeing that huge icon with the big green exclamation point on it just makes me grit my teeth every time I see it.

If you’re going to keep the shrine as-is, fine, but at least allow us to minimize it or turn off the notifications somehow!


Or another source for $10 mythics (or other exclusive-early-access troops).

IP2/505 know what they’re doing.

The “elite” (lol) pa$$ requires the money up front but won’t give you all the rewards unless you grind out the Campaign…so you’re literally paying to be required to grind. Now you can do the opposite, too! Grind for the opportunity to pay!

I’m not going to throw shade on how anyone chooses to spend their money. However, the fact that people WILL buy this means the monetization heavy-handedness is just going to continue to increase.

I disagree. I think this is 100% about having the ability to buy unlimited Greater Chaos Orbs now that there’s a 1% chance for a Power Orb.

$10 for 100,000 Gold? Seriously? I know not everyone values things the same, but to me, this is a laughable ripoff. $10 for two gambles on a Power Orb, each of which can save you months of saving up regular Orbs? I bet that’s what gets people to bite.

Shrines in their current state are just another lootbox. Two lootboxes with a high chance of giving nothing useful for $10.

Orbs are too valuable to sell in unlimited quantity. IP2/505 know they can (and will) make more money selling lootboxes instead.

Except that the game’s revenue is likely considered as a whole, rather than per-part. One income stream being less popular than another doesn’t mean the less popular one is gotten rid of. After all, beyond a certain point, it’s pure profit.

The 1%ers in the game need to stop spending en masse to send a message. That’s the only thing that’s going to have a chance at changing course. Businesses will follow the money.


Yes, this is what I thought it was going to be myself while I was figuring it out, until my shrine got full and I realized that it still costs the $9.99 to get the rewards. Really annoying! :frowning:

Shrines are literally a slot machine. Insert cash, gamble that you receive a prize more valuable than the amount you paid.

The very definition of gambling.


The entire gacha genre is literally gambling. Gachapon machines are literally gambling.

Sure, we can open a lot of chest types with in-game currency…but we can also buy said currencies either with real money directly (Gems) or with Gems that can be bought with real money.