Add “shrine filled” on post-battle screen

It would be nice to have a “shrine filled” card on the victory screen when I earn the last bit of required gold. Otherwise I tend not to notice unless I happen to look closely at the gold-earned and gold-to-shrine cards and see that they’re different amounts.

Adding this could also improve consistency, since there are cards on the victory screen for other cumulative accomplishments, including gaining a hero level or unlocking a class talent.

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Please don’t ask for that. You know we won’t just get a simple nice card once…


Honestly, I’m already deeply ticked off that the alert cannot be made to go away so the notification just stays there FOREVER.


Better don’t.
It’s bad enough that green cashgrab exclamation mark on home screen never goes away, it’s bad enough that stupid “resources added to shrine” cards are placed at the end of end-battle list.
If anything is done, it should be placing those cards at the front of the list, period. If somebody cares about shrines that much, let them do some simple scrolling - there are far more people who don’t give a fork and wish those stupid things gone forever and not cluttering their screen anymore.


The game designers could take this idea too far. Or they could use it as an opportunity to reduce overall annoyance while keeping revenue the same (e.g. by making it possible to dismiss the map-screen notification that a shrine is full).

Here’s hoping they’ll evaluate the revenue-to-annoyance ratio of each possibility and make a good decision :slight_smile:

Never stop dreaming :sweat_smile:

(Not to be mean to you - I’m just a bit jaded when it comes to dev decisions)