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For the love of god, fix the damn shrine notification!

Is it intended? Is it a bug? Why do I have to have this permanently on my kingdom screen?? Why does it not disappear after clicking on it?

I was stupid enough to hope it would be fixed in the last patch but no. Obviously you are hoping it somehow will generate a few extra bucks???

I know it seems like a small thing but it seriously pisses me off and I don’t really know why I just want it gone please.


Just be glad it isn’t constantly flashing like when there is a gem sale in the shop? :thinking:

Note to 505 Games: I will quit playing the game if this ever happens.

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Devs claim it isn’t a bug. It isn’t consistent with the other exclamation mark notifications so, in my opinion, it is a bug.

But, they probably intended it to be in your face annoying, just like the ads. They promised before the ads were released that they would be easy to ignore. Except… The permanent exclamation mark even after you click on it…

There is a reason why some people on the forums have the exclamation mark as their profile picture. Yeah it is a small thing, but still annoying.


Yeah, I’ve clicked it and no, I’m not paying for bad, useless RNG. Leave me alone, get off my game.


Oh, it’s absolutely not a bug, this was 100% intentional to keep grabbing your attention. They don’t care if a few people are annoyed :sweat_smile:

I wish it wasn’t this way, but that’s the truth of it.


Jeah if it was me I totally wouldn’t fix it. You just know there’s people out there that just can’t help themselves when they see that stuff and the people that get annoyed by it aren’t going to quit the game just because of seeing an exclamation mark.